Construction & Stairwells

Stairwells in the Mathews and Daniels wings will be under construction next week (week of July 13).

A construction crew will core holes in the floor of stairwell landings.  At a later date, vertical riser pipes for the fire sprinkler system will be installed.

Schedule (see also attached drawing)

  • July 13, 14
    East Mathews stair (floor SB-7) and south Daniels stair (floor 6-9)
  • July 15
    West Mathews stair
  • July 16
    North Daniels stair

(east Daniels stair, connecting floors B,1,2, is not affected)

(Shain stairs are not affected)

The construction crew will work inside the stairwell, although it may be necessary for them to be in the corridor immediately outside the stairwell from time to time.

Noise and vibration will accompany coring through the floor.

Please do not use a stairwell on the day(s) it is under construction.  The crew will post notices / cones / hazard tape.

Construction will disrupt the pattern of ‘up’ and ‘down’ stairwells imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  You may need to use an alternate route or use the elevators.  If you must use a stairwell in the direction opposite the preferred direction, try to ensure that someone isn’t coming in the opposite direction during the time that you are in the stairwell, or step out of the stairwell, into the corridor, to allow someone to pass.

In the event of an emergency, avoid the stairwell under construction and use any other available stairwell, regardless of direction.

For the Facilities Committee: Bob McMahon, John Moore, Jeff Nielsen, Matt Sanders