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Community & Diversity

The Department of Chemistry seeks to foster a community that welcomes and encourages diverse individuals and ideas. Several groups in the department seek to promote and maintain a welcoming environment for all department members; these groups include the Graduate Student-Faculty Liaison Committee (GSFLC), Students in Chemistry for Inclusive Representation (SCIRep), and the department’s Climate and Diversity Committee.

In 2009, the department made specific commitments to increase our graduate student diversity. In response, the department instituted several new programs including CHOPS and Catalyst. We have made significant progress towards our diversity goals and remain committed to further progress.

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Graduate Student Climate Survey

Climate Survey Team
Chemistry graduate students on the climate survey team (from left to right): Margaret Lumley, Lydia Manger, Nicole Thomas, Maddy Beasley, Trisha Tucholski, Rebeca Fernandez, Lauren Whitmire, and Tesia Janicki. (Photo by Meghan Chua)

“As the conversation about mental health and well-being during graduate school grows nationally, graduate students at UW–Madison are leading a charge to make talking about department climate and mental health the norm.

A climate survey in the Department of Chemistry at UW–Madison is improving support for graduate students and postdocs in the department, due to leadership from graduate students with the backing of faculty, staff, and campus mental health professionals.

Broadly, the student team’s work administering and sharing results from the survey within their department has made it clear that it’s OK to talk about mental health and other challenges that graduate students face, said PhD student Tesia Janicki…”

Read the full story by Megan Chua here.