International Student Information

The Department of Chemistry encourages international students to apply to the graduate program and believes that the department is enhanced by the diversity and different perspectives that the international students bring. Approximately 20-25 percent of our graduate students are international students.

Incoming Students

First-year graduate students without a fellowship are expected to teach as a teaching assistants (TAs). International students are required to take a SPEAK test to demonstrate their ability to speak clearly and listen effectively, if the language of instruction at their undergraduate or master’s institution was not in English.

International students who receive a TOEFL score of 110 or less and/or a speaking score of 26 or less may be invited to attend a 5-week summer International TA (ITA) course, which occurs in July-August.

The incoming students are required to attend an Orientation organized by the International Student Services (ISS) in August.

International Student Services

UW-Madison has an active International Student Services (ISS) organization that offers workshops, events, and information for international students throughout their academic career. They will answer questions about visas, employment, dependents, and other issues.

Improving English Skills

There are various organizations at UW-Madison and the community for international students to improve their English, PEACEConversational English, Madison Friends of International Students (MFIS), in additional to the English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. There are also student-run organizations at the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN).