Construction Update 02/08/2021

New Tower

Views along University Avenue have been changed significantly by our new building. Its nine-story height makes it stand out from all angles. Below we present recent views from the east, north, and west sides of the new tower. It is becoming a great architectural addition to the campus and University Avenue.

Viewed from Lake Street along University Ave., the new tower and its fume-hood exhaust stacks are seen beyond Grainger Hall (business school).
From the top of Chamberlin Hall, across University Ave., the new tower is an imposing structure. Shain Hall is to its right.

Seen from Randall Street, looking east along University Ave., our new building towers above the church (“The Crossing”) at Charter street and University Avenue.

Construction at Mathews-Daniels Interface

Construction of the fire-rated partition at the Mathews-Daniels building interface on the 7th floor is not yet complete and will resume in early February, with completion in early March.

Construction at the North End of Daniels Continues

The new tower will be connected to the existing Daniels wing at the fourth and fifth floors, as well as from the second floor down to the sub-basement. In January construction began to reconfigure the corridors at the north end of the Daniels building and accommodate doorways to the new building.

Floors B, 1, 2 of Daniels are being opened to the new tower beginning Monday, February 8. This work involves construction of doorways to accommodate continuous corridors between Daniels and the new tower. Fire doors will be installed and will remain closed during construction of the tower and for the duration of renovation of floors B, 1, and 2 Daniels.

Floor 3 work involves the reconfiguration of rooms 3345 and 3351. This construction work is internal to these two rooms. It involves changes to ductwork to accommodate doorways to the new building on other floors. There will not be a connection to the new building on floor 3, but changes on floors 5 and 4 necessitate changes on floor 3.

Floor 4 work involves the reconfiguration of rooms 4343 and 4351 to connect the research floor of the tower with Daniels.

Floor 5 work involves the demolition of rooms 5341 and 5351. The fifth floor of the tower is level with the fifth floor of Daniels, and this work will open the doorway that connects them.

Floor 6 work is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 15. It involves blocking the windows in rooms 6341 and 6351.  All construction work will be internal to these two rooms.

Floor 7 work is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, March 1. This work involves blocking the windows in rooms 7341 and 7351.  All construction work will be internal to these two rooms.

Construction activities will not affect access to labs, offices, or the stairwell.  Dust and debris will be contained behind construction barriers.  There will be occasional noise and vibration. The work is expected to be complete in early March.

Shutdowns of Daniels and Mathews Wings

Here is the current, but still tentative, schedule for the planned shutdowns:

March 12-29       Daniels – closed to all occupants (switchover to new supply air system)

April 13-28        Mathews – closed to all occupants (switchover to new exhaust system)

Heating, ventilation, and fume hood exhaust will be affected. There will be fluctuations in ambient room temperature. We do not expect electric power, process cooling loop, water, sewer, house nitrogen, or natural gas supply to be affected, but the construction activities are complex and extensive, so it is not possible to anticipate all eventualities. Instruments and equipment should be left in a condition that does not require monitoring during the period of the shutdown.

The schedule is not yet final, so we will provide further details as planning develops. There will be one-month’s advance notice of confirmed dates.

Graphic Schedule of Upcoming Events

Many different construction activities are simultaneously affecting our building complex. We summarize them graphically below.

Construction activities impacting existing buildings calendar from 02/08/2021.

This information is up to date as of Monday morning. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.

We thank Miron Construction and Jim Maynard for images in this newsletter issue.

John Moore and Bob McMahon