Upcoming Building and Floor Closure/Work Schedule

The coming weeks will be a busy time for construction activities related to the new fire alarm system in the chemistry complex. Be aware that you may encounter construction crews working in various locations in the building.


10/19-30, Daniels

The contractor needs to return for additional fire alarm work and will need access to labs immediately north of the Daniels passenger elevators.  Affected groups have been notified.

11/2, 8th floor Daniels

Construction crew will install conduit in the west corridor, 8th floor Daniels, from telecom closet through Rm. 8351 into the new tower.

11/3-5, 1st floor Daniels building

Construction crew will install conduit in the 1st floor Daniels corridors.

11/6 Shain Tower shut down

This work requires that the main air supply fans for Shain tower are turned off and the building closed. There will be additional, floor-by-floor partial outages of electrical service during the following week.  Occupants of Shain Tower will receive additional notification about these interruptions. These interruptions will not require any of the individual floors to be shut down.

Apart from the one-day shutdown of Shain tower, the Facilities Committee does not feel that it is necessary to close any portion of the building complex for this limited scope of construction activity.  Each individual, of course, is free to make their own decision about whether or not they wish to work in the building when construction is occurring in their area.  FYI – construction activities typically begin at approximately 6-7 a.m. and are completed by 3-3:30 p.m.