Shain Tower entrance closed July 22-31

Reminder that the main entrance to Shain tower will be closed tomorrow, Wed July 22, through Fri July 31, for installation of the new fire alarm system throughout the first floor of the Shain wing.  Please enter the chemistry complex at the basement level, Daniels building, along Johnson Street.  Your key will work in the lock on the door to the left of the toilet trailer as you face the building.

Note that the stairwell immediately adjacent to this entrance is preferred direction DOWN.

Access upper floors using the elevators or the other Daniels stairwells with preferred direction UP.

Access Shain tower via connecting floors 2, 5, or 6.

Occupants of Shain tower may exit the building by:

  1. crossing over to the Daniels wing on floors 2, 5, 6 and exiting at basement level
  2. using the south Shain stairwell, which exits along Johnson Street
  3. Do not take elevators to first floor Shain and attempt to exit via the Shain lobby