Lab Assistant at Virent

Company/Organization: Virent
Type: Part time
Location: Madison, WI
More Information: Lab Assistant
Posted Date: 10/21/19

Virent is hiring a lab assistant!

Job Title: Analytical Lab Assistant
Department: Research and Development
Reports to: Research Manager

Position Summary

An Analytical Lab Assistant is an entry level position that provides senior personnel at Virent with assistance in performing analyses in support of research and development efforts in biomass conversion into fuels and chemicals.  The Associate Chemical Analyst will exhibit a rudimentary understanding of chemical principles and basic laboratory skills.  Using established procedures, he/she will learn to independently operate instrumentation and track quality control parameters.  She/he will reduce data and report results into the lab’s data system.  The Associate Analyst will participate on analytical project teams and establish good working relationships with colleagues in the Analysis lab and in Operations.


  • Adhere to VI rent’s EHS policies and procedures, participate in EHS programs and conduct work activities in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
  • Adhere to Virent’s legal, finance, HR and other policies and procedures as they pertain to Analysis Lab operations.
    Conduct assigned routine analyses and related tasks within the Analysis Lab operation, under minimal supervision, in support of research objectives.
  • Correctly and appropriately apply basic chemical principles and laboratory techniques.
  • Record test results into the Analysis Lab data systems in a timely manner.
  • Successfully complete assigned tasks, responsibilities and personal objectives with deliverables generated within the agreed upon timeframe.
  • Develop cooperative work relationships with colleagues within the Analysis Lab and Operations.

Essential Technical Responsibilities and Duties

  • Properly perform weighings, volumetric measurements and other basic laboratory procedures.
  • Accurately prepare samples for analysis following written work instructions or oral instructions.
  • Independently conduct multiple routine chemical analyses daily using written or oral work instructions.
  • Operate analytical equipment following written work instructions or under general supervision of senior personnel.
  • Accurately collect and record data/results in spreadsheets, notebooks, logbooks or elsewhere as directed by supervision.
  • Utilize computer software and spreadsheets to perform basic chemical calculations.
  • Assist senior personnel with basic equipment maintenance and calibration.
  • Consult with senior chemists on non-complex projects to learn through experience.
  • Follow through on assigned tasks to completion, within agreed upon timeframes and schedule one’s own daily activities in collaboration with senior personnel.
  • As assigned by supervision, contribute to work instructions, participate in protocols and other method development activities.
  • Understand and work within the systems of the Analysis Lab.
  • Communicate daily operational details and issues to supervision.
  • Participate in Analysis Lab housekeeping activities and other daily operations.
  • Complete all assigned training within the agreed upon timeline.
  • Perform all work in a safe and environmental conscious manner by following all EHS policies/procedures/programs.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Behavioral Competencies necessary to perform essential functions

Innovation & Learning

Basic Level

Learns from experience and avoids repeat mistakes
Problem Solving & Decision Making

Basic Level

Makes sound decisions, given the necessary information
Analytical Thinking

Basic Level

Can analyze data to identify patterns and trends

Basic Level

Accepts responsibility for own actions

Basic Level

Learns quickly in the context of an activity when given direction and guidance

Basic Level

Written communication uses correct vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and punctuation; provides clear, direct, concise, complete messages.
Building Trust

Basic Level

Is responsible and can be counted on to complete tasks.
Constructive Relationships

Basic Level

Tolerant of diversity, considerate of other opinions

Basic Level

Willingly helps others. Co-operates with and supports colleagues when asked.

Physical/Environmental requirements 

  • Physical Activities:
Sitting, standing, walking, seeing, talking, keyboard use, grasping through gloves, typing, hearing, occasional lifting (10 – 40 lbs.), ability to push, pull or roll up to 70 lbs. with tools.  Accommodations may be considered if safety is not compromised.
  • Level of Physical Requirements:
Periods of standing or sitting up to 8 hours on an 8-hour shift.
  • Level of Visual Acuity:
Professional/Clerical, color vision beneficial, vision through safety glasses required.
  • Environmental Conditions:
Low to moderate noise intensity level, potential exposure to hazardous chemicals.


Education and Experience Minimum Hiring Expectations

Working towards a B.S. in a Science discipline




Up to four years of work experience in a laboratory environment (may be in an academic setting)






Basic knowledge of laboratory techniques, chemical principles, the workings of simple instrumentation and analyses required.  Experience with GC, HPLC, AA/ ICP, IR and quantitative wet chemistry useful.  Capable of effective oral and written communication.  Ability to learn and follow verbal instructions and written procedures with minimal oversight.  Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Windows.



If interested, please send your resume to Shelly Norris at: .