Construction Update 02/17/2020

CLC Renovation. Renovation of part of the fourth floor of the Medical Sciences Center (MSC) for the Chemistry Leaning Center (CLC) continues on schedule. Plans are underway to move the CLC in the middle of May this year. The main space with a reception area, offices for CLC staff, and some of the teaching rooms has been painted. More work needs to be done on the ceilings and windows but this area is taking shape nicely. Additional teaching rooms in a separate area of the MSC are not quite as far along, but during a visit last Thursday this area was full of workers accomplishing a variety of tasks. Soon the CLC will have an excellent, modern facility to enhance its work with undergraduate students.

interior rooms

New Tower. Progress on the new tower continues. Concrete was poured for the west side of the sixth floor last Monday. The east side of the sixth floor is being prepared with rebar and bubble deck. On the west side columns now extend to the seventh-floor level. Progress was slowed by snow and extremely cold weather toward the end of last week. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see how much the tower has grown during the past three months.


In the sub-basement of Daniels work continues on the electrical switchgear that will power the new tower. A metal staircase has been installed to connect the mechanical and electrical rooms in Daniels with the new tower. This week the wall that separates Daniels and the tower will be opened to install a door that will allow workers to move easily between Daniels and the tower and eventually will provide emergency egress to the north staircase in Daniels from the lecture rooms in the tower sub-basement.


Fire Sprinkler Project. Work on the seventh floor was complete except for some minor electrical work. Sprinkler work will begin on the west side of the fourth floor with a walk-through to check readiness of labs at 8:30 am on Monday, February 17.

Loading Dock. There is no scheduled loading-dock closure this week. There may be brief closures at unpredictable times.

This information is up to date as of Friday afternoon. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.
John Moore and Bob McMahon