Construction Update 07/08/2019

New Tower.  Because of the holiday, last week was a three-day work week, so there is less to report than usual. Work continues in the sub-basement and on the trusses that were installed last week at the University Avenue and Mills Street corner of the excavation.

A major operation was pouring concrete for the foundations of the elevator shafts for the new tower. The shafts will be just north of the remaining part of Daniels, which makes them a long reach from anywhere that concrete can be delivered. To pour the foundation, a concrete pump truck was located in the loading-dock area with its boom extending over the north end of the west side of Daniels (above what used to be an analytical lab and is now temporarily an organic lab). The pump truck was so far from the elevator shaft foundations that its boom had to be extended using flexible plastic pipes. When filled with concrete these are very heavy and hard for workers to manipulate. Everything worked well and we now have foundations. By Monday morning concrete forms were being erected to begin pouring the walls of the elevator shafts.

Building Photos

Loading Dock. There are no scheduled loading-dock closures this week, but there may be short interruptions at unpredictable times.

This information is up to date as of Monday morning. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.

John Moore