Undergraduate Office Welcomes Jeanne Wellman

Please join me in welcoming Jeanne Wellman. Jeanne started on Friday, Aug. 15, as an LTE replacing Zoe Samer. Jeanne comes with administrative experience in other UW-Madison offices, including the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty and the L&S Associate Dean’s Office. While she and I spell our names exactly the same, Jeanne W. pronounces hers with two syllables (“Jean-nie”), whereas mine is one. So hopefully we won’t get too confused!

I am sorry to see Zoe Samer leaving the Undergraduate Office. Zoe jumped right in on short notice in May and has made numerous contributions during her few months here. Thank you, Zoe, and congratulations on your new position as lab prep tech in the second-floor stockroom.

Jeanne W. and Nora Burnham will be working together to support our undergraduate program. For now, Jeanne W. will be taking primary responsibility for room reservations, with Nora as backup. Nora will be primary on student enrollment issues. I will update instructors later on how other responsibilities are divided, once things settle down a bit.