Professor Lingjun Li Wins Prestigious Biemann Medal

Lingjun Li Wins Biemann Medal
Prof. Lingjun Li

The American Society for Mass Spectroscopy (ASMS) awarded the 2014 Biemann Medal to Dr. Lingjun Li, professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The award is in recognition of Li’s outstanding contributions in the field of mass spectrometric study of neuropeptides and functional peptidomimetics.

Li’s research program is focused on the development of new mass spectrometry (MS)-based tools to study challenging neuroscience problems, reveal the functions of neuropeptides, and discover biomarkers in neurodegerative diseases.  The Li group studies crustacean model organisms to significantly expand current knowledge about neuropeptides in the nervous system.

The Biemann Medal was established by contributions from students, postdoctoral associates and friends to honor Dr. Klaus Biemann, a professor of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The award will be presented at the ASMS annual meeting in June.

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