Combining the theoretical and practical…one alum’s story

Dan Ebeling: Ph.D., 2001 (Smith Group)

Recently we asked some of our alumni to reflect on their experience at UW. Here’s what Dan Ebeling had to say.

Do you remember what brought you to UW–Madison’s Department of Chemistry?

Dan Ebeling and his family. He and his wife, 4 biological children, and host-student from China.

1987 Plymouth Horizon; but truly, the people. Professors met and talked with me even though I didn’t know anything–they were so patient.

Where are you working now and what is your current title?

Wisconsin Lutheran College; Professor of Chemistry

What importance did UW–Madison Chemistry have in your career path?

It gave me the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help others learn chemistry.

When you think of the Department of Chemistry, what key memory comes to mind?

TA’ing analytical chem and talking with students about life. One student tipped me off to a graduate school opportunity for the woman who would become my wife. Today, we are both UW alums.

What would you like our current students to know about what they might do with a degree in chemistry?

Chemistry combines the theoretical and practical of all the sciences. You use your mind, but you can also use your hands. Companies constantly are asking me to recommend chemistry graduates for positions.