Featured Alumni: Matthew Dalphin, Ph. D. Leads Design of Experiments Implementation at Catalent Pharma Solutions

By Meranda Masse

Graduate Student (Cavagnero) & Department of Communications

A white male with dark brown hair and brown eyes is smiling into the camera. They are wearing a dark tie and a red, white and black plaid shirt.
Matthew Dalphin, Ph. D.

Dr. Matthew Dalphin graduated from UW–Madison in the Spring of 2020 with a Ph.D. in Biophysics. During his time at UW-Madison, he was a member of the Cavagnero research group where he studied protein folding and aggregation using systems that mimic the cellular environment. Now, Dalphin works as an Analytical Development Scientist at Catalent Pharma Solutions, where he leads the implementation of Design of Experiments (DoE).

  DoE investigates the relationship between experimental inputs and outputs. Through studying this relationship, experimental parameters are identified which optimize outcomes and promote efficiency. While in graduate school, Dalphin taught himself the statistical theories required to use DoE in a laboratory setting and then successfully optimized many of the Cavagnero group protocols and procedures. Dalphin also showcased his high-level abilities to teach, mentor, and perform independent research. His success is evident from the impressive number of mentoring and research-related awards he won throughout his graduate school years. Dalphin says his proudest achievement was to win the Chemistry Department’s undergraduate mentorship awards two years in a row.  

Dalphin’s graduate school mentor Professor Silvia Cavagnero echoed this sentiment by stating, “He really enjoyed helping others and was a fantastic mentor for graduate and undergraduate students alike.” 

After starting at Catalent, it did not take long for Dalphin to be recognized for his passion for mentoring and DoE. Not only has he since been recognized as “top talent” by senior leadership, but he is also a co-leader of Catalent’s Global Design of Experiments Expert Group. Dalphin now leads training sessions on DoE and is a key consultant on internal projects that use advanced DoE analysis. 

Catalent’s “Patient First” mission statement says that they are dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that will improve people’s lives. Dalphin plans to contribute to this mission by helping to guide the implementation of DoE and statistical thinking across all of Catalent’s global Biologics sites to support the rapid development of novel protein- and mRNA-based therapeutics.