Construction Update 09/21/2020

Work on the building's exterior continues- early Saturday morning.

New Tower. Last week we reported on the exterior of the new tower. Work continues there, as shown by the first photo, taken from across University Avenue at 7:40 AM on Saturday. Workers on a lift are adding to the decorative facing at the lower right. More work is being done on the Mills-University portico at the lower left as well. However, this week we will concentrate on progress within the exterior envelope.

On the fifth through the eighth floors, laboratories, write-up rooms, offices, and other spaces are taking shape as workers install metal studs and plasterboard walls. Less obvious is installation of plumbing pipes, ventilation ducts, and electrical equipment. Large quantities of pipes, ducts, and conduits are required to support our laboratories, so the ceilings are full of utilities. One of the challenges for the building’s planners was to fit everything in and still allow access for maintenance workers to repair anything that breaks or wears out.

A new wall separates one organic lab from another on the fifth floor. To the are a write-up room and stockroom window. The sixth-floor corrider now has ducts and pipes in the ceiling.

Along the seventh-floor corrider studs and ductworks are in and walls are being insulated. The eigth floor is less complete, but an analytical lab has been separated from a write-up room by studs and some paneling.

At the basement and sub-basement levels, workers have installed many walls. The monumental staircase is now separated from the 250-seat lecture room and it takes much less imagination to see how the lecture rooms will look when complete. Study areas in the sub-basement and student lounges in the basement are also being enclosed.

The 360-seat lecture room seen from the entry at the front of the room. View from the basement landing of monumental staircase. The 250-seat lecture is beyond the wall at the right.

Fire Protection. Sprinkler pipe installation is currently underway on the third floor of Mathews. Work is expected to extend through Tuesday, October 6. Work will begin on the second floor of Mathews on October 5.

Changes required by a mid-course improvement in the fire-protection design that required brief closures of certain floors in Daniels, Mathews, and Shain are now mostly complete.

This information is up to date as of Monday morning. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.

We thank Gerald David and Miron Construction for photos used in this newsletter issue.

John Moore and Bob McMahon