New Tower. Though it will be hidden from view when the building is complete, the infrastructure needed to support our new labs, lecture rooms, and classrooms is incredibly complex. Ventilation ductwork and controls; piping for gases, fire sprinklers, water, and waste; electric power, conduits, and breaker boxes; and wiring for internet access and control of doors (including fire doors) all contribute to the safety and usability of our building. Many of these infrastructure components have been and are being installed this summer in spaces from the sub-basement to the eighth floor.


Since the departure of “Big Red” (the large crawler crane) the section of Mills Street between Johnson Street and Conklin Court has been re-opened to two-way traffic. The northern half of that block of Mills Street, between Conklin Court and University Avenue remains closed. Much work is going on in the Mills Street area to complete installation of equipment in the sub-basement of the Daniels building. The view of Mills Street from the top of the new tower shows the extent of activity east of the Daniels teaching labs.


At the top of the tower, workers are installing roof decks, insulation, and waterproof roofing, continuing the drive to enclose the building and protect it from the elements. Full enclosure is required before plasterboard walls and other items that could be damaged by rainwater can begin to be installed. The view of the rooftop from the tower crane is breathtaking!


Fire Protection. Construction on the Mathews first floor continues through August 14, which means we still cannot use the Mathews first-floor corridor. Access to the liquid nitrogen fill room is via Shain first-floor lobby. Through August 12, access to the solvent storage room (1237A) and gas cylinders (1237B) is available only through prior arrangement with Mike Bradley and Jeff Nielsen. 

A mid-course improvement in the fire-protection design entails a bit more work in areas where sprinklers have already been installed. This requires that certain floors in Daniels and Shain be closed briefly and labs prepared for work on the fire alarms (not the sprinkler pipes). Here is the schedule for this work:

5th floor Daniels               August 10 – 12:
4th floor Daniels               August 13 – 14:
3rd floor Daniels               August 17 – 18:
8th floor Shain                  August 19 – 25:
7th floor Shain                  August 26 – September 1
5th floor Shain                  September 2 – 8

Preparing labs for this work involves removing hazards:

  1. Remove chemicals, glassware, and general clutter from lab benches
  2. Remove all items from drying racks
  3. Remove clutter from aisles

The mid-course improvements have already been incorporated as fire alarm work was done on the sixth floor and floors below the fifth floor of Shain, so no further work is required on those floors.

Loading-Dock Area. This week work begins on the storm-drain system in the loading-dock area. This work will take two weeks but interruption of deliveries is expected to be minimized.

This information is up to date as of Monday morning. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.
We are indebted to Gerald David and Miron Construction for photographs in this report.
John Moore and Bob McMahon