State Building Commission Approves Revised Budget, Expanded Scope of Chemistry Building Project

On June 6, the State Building Commission approved a revised budget ($133.1 M) and authorized the solicitation of bids to construct the chemistry building project. This action will enable completion of the full scope of the original project (new tower + renovation of floors B,1,2 Daniels building) and includes an expanded scope of work to install fire sprinklers in the Mathews and Daniels buildings and install a new fire-alarm system throughout the entire chemistry building complex.

Bid opening is scheduled for July, with construction anticipated in late summer.

The initial phase of the project will involve demolition of the existing chemistry lecture rooms and library at the southwest corner of University Avenue and Mills Street and construction of a new tower on the site. The tower will include four floors of chemistry instructional laboratories, two new lecture halls, a multipurpose learning studio, and an information commons, as well as one shelled floor envisioned for future research laboratories. The initial phase of the project also includes rehabilitation of air supply and exhaust systems in the Mathews and Daniels buildings. Completion of the tower is envisioned in late 2020.

The second phase of the project will significantly expand the physical size of the general chemistry laboratory program. In space that previously housed labs for general, organic, analytical, and inorganic chemistry (floors B,1,2 Daniels building), a new suite of labs and support spaces devoted exclusively to general chemistry will be constructed. Completion of the renovation phase is envisioned in early 2022.

Upgrades to building infrastructure (ventilation, fire sprinklers, fire alarm) will provide critically important benefits to both research and instructional programs in the department.