28 Chemistry-affiliated Students Will Participate in 2017 Undergraduate Symposium

Students at Undergraduate Symposium

Today’s Undergraduate Symposium will feature 28 outstanding undergraduate chemistry major researchers and undergraduate researchers working with chemistry faculty. The event will take place at Union South from noon to 4:45 p.m.

This campus-wide symposium showcases the “creativity, achievement, research, service learning, and community-based research” of nearly 700 undergraduates across all areas of study at UW-Madison.

Students selected to participate include undergraduates from the Burstyn, Cavagnero, Forest, Ge, Gellman, Hamers, Jin, Kiessling, Li, Nathanson, Pedersen, Record, Schomaker, Stahl, Tang, Weisshaar research groups.


12:30-1:45 p.m.

Sift & Winnow Room

Pharmaceutical Mixture Toxicity to Arabidopsis thaliana
Madison Czerwinski, Mentor: Prof. Joel Pedersen

Industry B Room

Mass Spectrometry-Focused Method Development and Application for Crustacean Neuropeptide Analysis
Kylie Helfenbein, Mentor: Prof. Lingjun Li

Wisconsin Idea Room

Regiospecificity of Galactan Polymerization by Divergent GlfT2 Orthologs
Patric Sadecki, Mentor: Prof. Weiping Tang

Agriculture A Room

Using Velocity Anisotropy to Analyze Turbulence in Giant Molecular Clouds
Alecio Madrid, Mentor: Audra Hernandez

2-3:15 p.m.

Preferential Interactions of Sugars with Nucleobases and Aromatics
Emilio Jacobo, Mentor: Thomas Record

Kinetic study of Kharash-Sosnovsky allylic oxidation of olefins
Jingyi Zhao, Mentor: Shannon Stahl

3:30-4:45 p.m.

Characterizing Nanoparticle Association with Bacterial Cell Wall Interfaces by Solid State NMR
James O’Rourke, Mentor: Joel Pedersen

Lightning Talks

12:30-1:45 p.m.

Development of Nanoparticle Based Artificial Antibodies for the Detection of Troponin-I
Cyrus Colah, Mentor: Prof. Ying Ge (Northwoods A)

Investigating analogs of eflornithine, an irreversible inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase
Luke Oxtoby, Mentor: Prof. Jennifer Schomaker (Fifth Quarter Studio)

Evaluating the roles of antibacterial nylon-3 polymer properties against Clostridium difficile
Casey Ritts, Mentor: Prof. Samuel Gellman (Fifth Quarter Studio)

3:30-4:45 p.m.

Optimization of the Gp2 mini-protein scaffold
Boyu Yin, Mentor: Prof. Samuel Gellman (Northwoods A)


12:30-1:45 p.m.

#64 – Synthesis of model heme-thiolate ligand precursors with variable intramolecular hydrogen bonding
Michael Milbauer, Mentor: Prof. Judith Burstyn

#100 – Probing the Thermodynamic Stability of the Ribosome via Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Aniruddha Srivastava, Mentor: Prof. Silvia Cavagnero

#121 – Electrostatic Contributions of Aromatic Residues in Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions
Stephen Early, Mentor: Prof. Laura Kiessling

#154 – Biochemical Studies of Sub2 Designed to be Sensitive to Chemical Analog
Jack McCann, Mentor: Aaron Hoskins

#160 – Investigating the role of GlfT2 in mycobacterial cell wall assembly
Lili Kim, Mentor: Prof. Laura Kiessling

#194 – Assembly of a Confocal Microscope for Single-Molecule FRET Studies on Nascent Protein Folding
Tess Carlson, Mentor: Prof. Silvia Cavagnero

#197 – Reaction Dynamics of Atmospheric Nitrogen Oxide Removal by the Sea-Surface Microlayer
Melvin Matthew, Mentor: Prof. Gilbert Nathanson

#209 – Impact of Metabolism on Toxicity of Carbamezepine in Plants
Rebecca Hoehn, Mentor: Prof. Joel Pedersen

#232 – Synthesis of polymeric antigens to stimulate cross presentation via cathepsin S-mediated pathway
Angie Jasper, Mentor: Prof. Laura Kiessling

#250 – Effects of the YjeP channel on indolicidin’s permeabilization activity on E. coli
Sam Rider, Mentor: Prof. James Weisshaar

#262 – Characterizing unwrapping in transcription initiation by FRET and single-round transcription assays
Clare Cimperman, Mentor: Prof. Thomas Record

2-3:15 p.m.

#168 – Study of the influence of band bending on photoelectrochemical activity of diamond
Claudia Yan, Mentor: Prof. Robert Hamers

3:30-4:45 p.m.

#27 – What modifications are required in the T4aP disassembly protein to allow it to assemble pili?
Paula Atsaves, Mentor: Prof. Katrina Forest

#84 – Synthesis of layered double hydroxide nanomaterials for oxygen evolution electrocatalysis
Richard Costello, Mentor: Prof. Song Jin

#111 – Measuring the Interaction of Solutes with Protein Surface Types using Vapor Pressure Osmometry
Taylor Bye, Mentor: Prof. Thomas Record

#181 – Effects from arginine and lysine on stability in coiled coil and beta hairpin systems
Alexander Passow, Mentor: Prof. Samuel Gellman

#279 – Predicting and Interpreting the Hofmeister Effects of Salts with Nucleic Bases and Aromatics
Runyu Hong, Mentor: Prof. Thomas Record