State Building Commission Grants Approval for Construction of Chemistry Building Project to Proceed

On Dec. 14, the State of Wisconsin Building Commission approved a key design report and granted the authority to construct the Chemistry Building Project.

Following months of planning and design work, the university submitted for review a 35 percent design report, which represents a significant milestone in the design process. The approval of this report signifies that the project is ready to move to the final design and bid phases.

The State Building Commission also granted UW System’s request for authority to construct the project. Members of the commission voted unanimously in favor of the project.

“This approval represents the most significant milestone in the project since it was enumerated in the state budget in July 2015,” says Robert McMahon, Irving Shain Chair of Chemistry and department chair.

The initial phase of the project will include the construction of a new tower at the southwest corner of University Ave. and Mills Street, two fully outfitted floors for organic chemistry instructional laboratories in the new tower, mechanical rehabilitation of two existing chemistry buildings, two new lecture halls, and a multipurpose learning studio. Other components of the project await additional fundraising.

Construction of the new tower is scheduled to begin in November 2017. Following this timeline, the new tower could be in use beginning in early 2020.