Graduate Students Receive NSF, NIH Fellowships

Nine UW-Madison chemistry graduate students are among the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellows for 2016. The fellowship competition received 17,000 applications this year and awarded 2,000 fellowships.

NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program is designed to prepare students to become leaders “in advancing science and engineering research and innovation,” according to the program’s website. The program provides three years of research funding for each recipient.

Fellowship recipients are Jordan Buhle (Stahl group), Brian Cary (Gellman group), Lianna Dang (Jin group), Kirandeep Deol (Strieter group), Sarah Guillot (Hamers group), Caitlin Kozack (Stahl group), Chase Salazar (Stahl group), Tom Sobyra (Nathanson group), and Hillary Mitchell Warden (Fredrickson group).

Honorable mentions included Kyle Brown (Ge group), Kellen Delaney (Li group), Matthew Dent (Burstyn group), Moira Esson (Mecozzi group), Alexander Foote (Goldsmith group), Erik Horak (Goldsmith group), William McDermott (Hermans group), Josh Ostrander (Zanni group), Morgan Rea (Goldsmith group), Matthew Styles (Blackwell group), and Anji Trujillo (Coon group).

Amanda Buchberger (Li group) has received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) NRSA F31 Fellowship.