Alumnus Bradley Ringeisen Honored for Department of Defense Bioprinting Efforts

Bradley Ringeisen

Bradley Ringeisen (Ph.D. ’00, Nathanson) was recently named Department of Defense Scientist of the Quarter for his breakthrough 3D cell printing process, Biological Laser Printing (BioLP).

The technology is a patented laser-printing tool for creating 2D and 3D patterns of biomaterials such as living cells, soils, hydrogels, and biomolecules. BioLP shows promise for future applications such as antibiotic drug discovery, improved biofuel production, and artificial 3D organ and tissue printing. Unlike other bioprinters that use water-based cell inks, BioLP can print with gels and solids.

Ringeisen has worked for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) since 2002, following a postdoctoral associateship at NRL. He leads an 11-person research group within the NRL Bioenergy and Biofabrication Section of the Chemistry Division. He also leads the recently established Department of Defense 3D Bioprinting Consortium. Ringeisen’s current research focuses on bioprinting’s potential applications in the context of the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense.

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Photo credit: Dirke Williams, AT&L