National Academy of Engineering Recognizes Chemistry Honorary Fellow Dr. Bill Banholzer

Dr. Bill Banholzer
Dr. Bill Banholzer

On Oct. 4, Dr. Bill Banholzer, chemistry honorary fellow, received the National Academy of Engineering’s prestigious Arthur M. Bueche Award. The award recognizes Banholzer’s extraordinary impact on the engineering profession through his initiatives in strengthening university-industry relationships.

Banholzer, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, is a research professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, as well as a senior advisor to the Wisconsin Energy Institute.

He served previously as an executive vice president at Dow Chemical Company, where he led efforts to collaborate with universities and championed the Dow Safety Academy, an online training tool aimed at improving safety in academic laboratories.

“The industrial world owes it to their academic partners, the developers of our future scientists and engineers, to share best practices in safe operation and to demand it of the academic workplace,” Banholzer said upon receiving the award. “I encourage you all to join in my crusade to improve the safety practices at our academic labs.”

The National Academy of Engineering seeks to advance the engineering profession and to advise the federal government on engineering and technology matters.

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