Chemistry Students Receive Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships

Six undergraduate chemistry majors or chemistry researchers have received Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships for 2015-16. Generous grants from the Hilldale Foundation and the Wisconsin State Legislature provide awards of $3,000 each to undergraduate students and $500–$1,000 to their faculty/staff advisers to work in collaboration on research projects.

wdt_ID Name Adviser Major Project
1 Claudia Aldrich Prof. Laura Kiessling Biochemistry, Chemistry Optimization of Triazolothiadiazine-Based Small Molecule Inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase
2 Amanda Beltrame Prof. Ron Raines Biochemistry Activation of the tRNA Ligase RtcB by Archease
3 Noah Johnson Prof. Mark Ediger Physics Molecular Orientation in the Vapor-Deposited Glass of p-TTP
4 Kevin O'Connor Prof. Thomas Record Biochemistry Framing the Two-Way Noncovalent Interactions of Amide Oxygen, Amide Nitrogen, and Aliphatic Carbon Surfaces
5 Alexander Peterson Prof. Ron Raines Biochemistry, Chemistry Development of a Boronic Acid Based Pro/Soft Drug
6 Benjamin Weber Prof. Laura Kiessling Biochemistry, Classics Exploring the Role of CD44 as a Conduit of Mechanical Signals in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Name Adviser Major Project

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