Martha Casey, Professor Clark Landis, and Professor Jim Skinner Named ACS Fellows

The American Chemical Society (ACS) has named 96 members as ACS Fellows. These include Martha Casey, Professor Clark Landis, and Professor Jim Skinner. Other new ACS fellows with UW-Madison ties include Eric Amis (Ph.D. ’81, Yu), J. Philips Bays (Ph.D. ’68, O’Leary), R. Morris Bullock (Ph.D. ’84, Casey), Mark Cesa (Ph.D. ’79, Casey), Dave Crumrine (Ph.D. ’71, Zimmerman), Ray A. Dickie (Ph.D. ’65, Ferry), Joe Heppert (Ph.D. ’82, Gaines), Lee Latimer (Ph.D. ’76, Trost), Richard Register (Ph.D. Chem Eng ’89, Chem Minor), (Alan J. Rocke (Ph.D. History of Science ’75, Ihde), William H. Suits (B.S. ’63), and Barry Trost.

The new fellows will be honored at the society’s national meeting in Philadelphia in August, in a ceremony hosted by ACS Immediate Past-President Nancy B. Jackson. “ACS is especially proud to honor these chemists, who have given so much to the community and the profession,” said Jackson. “They are leaders whose work is having a lasting beneficial impact, not just on science but also on the ACS community.”