Rosana Pérez-Ellmann Wins Classified Employee Recognition Award

Rosana Perez-Ellman
Rosana Perez-Ellman

Rosana Pérez-Ellmann, academic department manager, joined the chemistry department about three years ago following a stint in a senior management position at Lands End. “In that short period of time she has transformed our business office and, indeed, our entire methodology in terms of personnel evaluation throughout the department,” said James Weisshaar, department chair. “She has the entire operation running very smoothly and she is developing a  ‘farm team’ of excellent workers who can move into higher positions as they open up. She raises the level of everyone’s game — faculty and staff alike,” Weisshaar added. “Absolutely outstanding,” “fantastic,” and “exceptional” are words that have been used to describe Pérez-Ellmann’s contributions. She thinks deeply about how to enhance the department’s performance in all areas involving faculty, students and staff. “She leads by example and by her outcome-based management ideas. She makes everyone around her a better worker by demonstrating her commitment to excellence every day, in every situation,” said Weisshaar.
She has spearheaded efforts to create a Board of Advisors for the department — a group of highly successful business people from companies that often hire UW-Madison Chemistry alumni. She has made creative contributions to the department’s outreach and fundraising efforts.

Professor Robert Hamers said Pérez-Ellmann is an out-of-the-box thinker who has transformed the department by substantially increasing efficiency, productivity and the level of service provided, while improving the overall climate throughout the department.
She serves on the Campus Climate and Diversity Committee and on a review committee for hiring department administrators across campus. She is also a volunteer on her department’s Partners in Giving team. Off campus, she has been active in the Madison schools, working to develop technology grants, and other charitable efforts.