GSFLC Poster Session Winners

Thank you to all of the students and postdocs who participated in the poster session. The posters were fabulous, and the energy and enthusiasm in the presentations was evident. Congratulations to the participants selected for poster awards!

Top honor–Lisa Johnson (Gellman Group), Matt Rigsby (Stahl Group), Renee Dalrymple (Weisshaar Group), and Brian Esselman (McMahon Group).

Honorable mention–Josh Fishman (Kiessling Group), Ben Bending (Ediger Group), Somenath Bakshi (Weisshaar Group), and Ross Cheloha (Gellman Group).

And thank you to the faculty judges for their efforts to evaluate posters. They wanted to convey that this was a very difficult task! The overall quality of the presentations was impressive, and it was not easy to settle on only a few to receive awards.