Last Name First Name Position Email Phone Room Group Link Orcid Path User ID
Yu Hyuk Emeritus Professor Yu Group yu
Boydston AJ Professor 7365 Boydston Group ajb
Oi Collin Graduate Student Hermans Group coi
Jin Song Professor 608-262-1562 3363A Jin Group jin
Li Lingjun Professor 608-265-8491 Room 5125 Rennebohm Hall Li Group lli
Lyp Audrey Student Researcher Bertram Group lyp
Yu Lian Professor 608-263-2263 4119 Pharmacy Yu L Group group lyu
Doolittle Pam Analytical Lab Director 608-262-9679 8442 Analytical pam
Goldsmith Randall Professor 608-263-8315 3309 Goldsmith Group Link rhg
Wi Dae Han Postdoc Choi Group wi2
Ge Ying Professor 6082654744 WIMR8551 Ge Group Link yge
Lee Agnes Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center alee
Ode Anand Graduate Student Hamers Group aode
Aria Lauren Instrumentation Tech B-201 Glass Shop aria
Mo Boya Student Researcher Gellman Group bmo3
Hu Derek Graduate Student Schomaker Group dbhu
Im Dasol Graduate Student Zanni Group dim4
Roh Deok-Ho Postdoc Stahl Group droh
Hill Nicholas Organic Lab Director 608-262-2306 6446 Organic hill
Xu Kaylin Graduate Student Jin Group kxxu
Lish Matthew Graduate Student Golden Group lish
McGuire Paul HPC (Cluster) Systems Administrator 608-262-7924 9303 Research Facilities paul
Widicus Weaver Susanna Professor 608-262-5060 6219 Chamberlin Hall Widicus Weaver Group slww
Sogo Steven Researcher Stowe Group sogo
Weix Daniel Professor 608-262-0541 5132 Weix Group weix
West Robert C. Emeritus Professor 608-262-1873 6329 West Group west
Yang Yang Assistant Professor 608-262-9801 8305I Yang Group Link yang
Dang Allice Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center adang
Lee Alan Teaching Assistant Instructional Staff aflee
Williams-Walsh Ahmia Student Researcher Hermans Group ahmia
Andon James Graduate Student 5201 Wang Group andon
Beleh Omar Postdoc Weix Group beleh
Berry John F. Professor 608-262-7534 6357 Berry Group Link berry
Frey Brian Senior Scientist 608-265-6138 4233 Smith Group bfrey
Chi Benjamin Graduate Student 608-265-8285 5131 Weix Group bkchi
Burke Steve Emeritus Professor 608-262-4941 7112 Burke Group Link burke
Casey Charles P. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0584 7121D Casey Group Link casey
Middlecamp Cathy Emeritus Professor 64 Science Hall cathy
Dade Christopher Graduate Student Forest Group cdade
Clay Alyssa Postdoc Blackwell Group clay5
Dai Yuling Graduate Student Smith Group dai59
Fredrickson Daniel C. Professor (608) 890-1567 6329 Fredrickson Group danny
Lynn David Professor 608-262-1086 1008 Engineering Lynn Group dlynn
Nam Dohwan Assistant Scientist 3301 Choi Group dnam7
Drier Tracy Master Glassblower 608-262-9896 B-201 Glass Shop drier
Kray Elisabeth Graduate Student Bertram Group ekray
Crim Fleming Emeritus Professor 608-263-7364 Crim Group Link fcrim
Wu Guanchen Research Intern Schmidt Group gwu59
Hacha Brandon Graduate Student Goldsmith Group hacha
Hu Yun Graduate Student 6088903602 Schomaker Group hu346
Yi Hayoung Student Researcher Boydston Group hyi32
Bell Jerry WISL Honorary Fellow Shakhashiri Group jbell
Coon Joshua J. Professor (608) 263-1718 4422 Genetics-Biotechnology Ctr. Link jcoon
Mook Jee Ching Student Researcher Gellman Group jmook
Jofre Francisca Graduate Program Director 608-262-0363 2108 Student or Instructional Services jofre
Zhou Jia Instructor and Resource Specialist 608-263-2209 2430D Instructional Staff jzhou
Lu Kelly Graduate Student Li Group khlu2
Oram Kelson Graduate Student 3217 Wright Group koram
Lu Lei Honorary Associate Smith Group llu56
Lor Mia Student Researcher Martell Group mdlor
Ko Myohwa Postdoc Choi Group mko25
Murei Faith Student Hourly murei
Nkulu Leah Graduate Student 6125 Stahl Group nkulu
Duke Olivia Graduate Student Schomaker Group oduke
Egan Pat Department Administrator 608-262-1487 1120 Business Services pegan
Yen Morris Student Researcher Jin Group pyen3
Ramey Shea Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center ramey
Bain Rachel Senior Instructional Technology Specialist 608-265-3884 7406 Instructional Staff rbain
Ma Kitty Graduate Student Hermans Group rma68
Xu Ruiwen (Irian) Graduate Student Gellman Group rxu64
Scalf Mark Senior Scientist 608-262-6891 4201 Smith Group scalf
Lies Shane Honorary Associate Yoon Group slies
Smith Lloyd M. Professor 608-263-2594 4209A Smith Group smith
Wei Grey Student Researcher Goldsmith Group sqwei
Stahl Shannon Professor 608-265-6288 6132A Stahl Group stahl
Hsu Sasha Student Researcher Martell Group sthsu
Trate Jaclyn Faculty Associate 608-263-7319 B223B Instructional Staff trate
Yoon Tehshik P. Professor 608-262-2268 5317A Yoon Group Link tyoon
Wendt Mark A. P Chem Lab Director 608-262-0806 7442 Physical wendt
Woods Claude Emeritus Professor 608-262-2892 4337 Woods Group Link woods
Wu Yue Graduate Student Huang Group wu678
Lao Yichong Graduate Student Huang Group ylao7
Zanni Martin Professor 608-262-4783 8305L Zanni Group Link zanni
Du Zhilin Student Researcher Feng Group zdu48
Zmich Anna Graduate Student Buller Group zmich
Zouak Ryan Student Hourly Student or Instructional Services zouak
Su Zhiming Graduate Student 7116 Stahl Group zsu53
Bera Abhijit Postdoc Boros Group abera5
Diaby Aminata Graduate Student Stahl Group adiaby
Han Al Student Researcher Yang Group ahan36
Kuhn Ariel Postdoc Gellman Group akuhn7
Lira Andres Graduate Student Martell Group alira3
Ogorek Ashley Graduate Student 8125 Martell Group anroux
Ohler Amanda Graduate Student Buller Group aohler
Cruz Alexandro Graduate Student Weix Group arcruz
Hinz Andrew Undergraduate Program Manager 608-263-3780 1351D Student or Instructional Services arhinz
Shakhashiri Bassam Z. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0538 9355 Shakhashiri Group bassam
Niego Burke Graduate Student Smith Group bniego
Botzoc Richard Graduate Student Jin Group botzoc
Bowman Matt Senior Lecturer 608-262-2519 6442 Instructional Staff bowman
Bruffy Samantha Graduate Student Buller Group bruffy
Cox Caleb Graduate Student Martell Group cacox2
Lenz Charles Student Researcher Gellman Group cdlenz
Doody Cassandra Graduate Student 5225 Blackwell Group cdoody
Boos Claire Graduate Student Smith Group ceboos
Panos Caitlin Research Intern Wickens Group cpanos
Queen Collin Student Researcher Hermans Group cqueen
Skemp Chad Purchasing Specialist 608-262-1481 1121 Business Services cskemp
Baek Doohyun Postdoc Stahl Group dbaek8
Derrah Thomas Graduate Student Bertram Group derrah
Hood David Graduate Student 608-262-0567 Nathanson Group djhood
Seo Daye Postdoc 3301 Choi Group dseo25
Boros Eszter Associate Professor 7112 Boros Group group eboros
Ediger Mark D. Professor 608-262-7273 7303A Ediger Group Link ediger
Hale Erin Administrative Assistant - Team Lead 608-890-2623 2132 Faculty Services ehhale
Ellias Niall Teaching Learning Tech Spec Stowe Group ellias
Deal Emma Student Hourly erdeal
Santa Emma Graduate Student Blackwell Group esanta
Usman Emre Graduate Student Choi Group eusman
Gaines Don Emeritus Professor gaines
Capek Grace Graduate Student Garand Group gcapek
Getty Catherine Graduate Student Berry Group getty2
Golden Jennifer Associate Professor 608-263-7287 7123 Rennebohm Hall Golden Group Link golden
Gooley Grace Student Researcher Hermans Group gooley
Gurkov Iurii Graduate Student Wang Group gurkov
Hamers Robert J. Professor 608-262-6371 3357 Hamers Group Link hamers
Han JI MIN Graduate Student Wickens Group han276
Bae Hyeonjeong Graduate Student Boydston Group hbae34
Darji Harsh Graduate Student Hermans Group hdarji
Heming Kristi Administrative Assistant Emeritus Staff heming
Hyun Hyeree Graduate Student Yethiraj Group hhyun5
Hoque Asmaul Postdoc Stahl Group hoque2
Rezin Halle Student Researcher Buller Group hrezin
Guzei Ilia Dir XRay Lab - CIC 608-263-4694 2124 Research Facilities iguzei
Jang Inhyuk Graduate Student 8331 Yethiraj Group ijang5
Reich Ieva Emeritus Lecturer Emeritus Staff ireich
Shkel Irina Teaching Specialist 608-262-3019 2307 Instructional Staff ishkel
Jang Jinoh Graduate Student Cavagnero Group jang72
Jarois Dean Graduate Student 7124 Gellman Group jarois
Dai Jingcheng Graduate Student Soley Group jdai65
Mouat Julianna Graduate Student 5128 Weix Group jmouat
Perre Jacob Student Researcher Boydston Group jperre
Sowin Jennifer Graduate Student Wickens Group jsowin
Sunny Jeswin Graduate Student Wright Group jsunny
Pike Kyndal Graduate Student Smith Group kapike
Chin Kyle Graduate Student Boydston Group kcchin
Choi Kyoung-Shin Professor 608-262-5859 3233 Choi Group Link kschoi
Landis Clark Professor/Chair 608-262-0362 6112A Landis Group landis
Lee Seung Hyun (Ken) Graduate Student Schomaker Group lee766
Li Oscar Student Researcher Yoon Group li2479
Pham Chi Lan Student Hourly Business Services lpham7
Reade Laura Administrative Assistant 608-265-1454 9359 Faculty Services lreade
Akana Michelle Honorary Associate 5122 Weix Group makana
martin martin Instrument Maker 608-262-1482 S315 martin
Rolfs Michael Student Researcher Organic mrolfs
Shortreed Michael Distinguished Scientist 4226 Smith Group mshort
Soley Micheline Assistant Professor 608-262-0263 8305H Soley Group msoley
Tracy Megan Graduate Student 7305 Ediger Group mtracy
Xue Mingyi Graduate Student Huang Group mxue33
Banka Nishit Graduate Student Romero Group nbanka
Ogorek Tyler Graduate Student Golden Group ogorek
Cross Patrick Graduate Student Fredrickson Group pcross
Raines Ronald T. Emeritus Professor Raines Group raines
Record Thomas Emeritus Professor 608-262-5332 3204B Biochem Record Group record
Li Ruojia Graduate Student 1st Years rli345
Stowe Ryan Assistant Professor 608-890-2568 B221 Stowe Group rstowe
Deng Ruohan Graduate Student Stahl Group rud008
Walde Rebecca Graduate Student 6315 Berry Group rwalde
Salome Austin Graduate Student Coon Group salome
Sands Georgia Graduate Student Boros Group sands4
Block Stephen Assoc Director General Chemistry Labs 608-262-1511 B337 General Chemistry sblock
Cao Siqin Assistant Scientist Huang Group scao66
Schatz Paul Emeritus Staff Emeritus Staff schatz
Shanks Robert Senior Instrument Scientist 608-262-0563 2130 Research Facilities shanks
Shapla Ummay Graduate Student 5373 Cavagnero Group shapla
Heins Spencer SynCat Director 608-263-9615 7405 Research Facilities sheins
Sibert Ned Professor 608-262-0265 8305C Sibert Group sibert
Sidana Vinayak Graduate Student Stahl Group sidana
Li Siyu Graduate Student Wang Group sli633
Myers Steve Instrument Shop Supervisor 608-262-1482 S315A Machine Shop smyers
Noh Seungwoo Student Researcher Jin Group snoh25
Thein Sierra Graduate Student Schomaker Group sthein
Suter Justin Graduate Student Gellman Group suter2
Wan Sushu Postdoc Goldsmith Group swan27
Fiala Tahoe Graduate Student 5333 Yoon Group tfiala
Trinh Tuan Anh Graduate Student Schomaker Group trinh4
Wu Tianrui Graduate Student Weix Group twu339
Unarta Ilona Postdoc Huang Group unarta
Vulpis Troy Graduate Student Blackwell Group vulpis
Wright John C. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0351 3209 Wright Group Link wright
Wu Wenxin Graduate Student Li Group wwu255
Huang Xuhui Professor 8305E Huang Group Link xhuang
Miao Jerry Graduate Student Boydston Group xmiao8
Yakami Baichhabi Honorary Associate Zanni Group yakami
Lian Yumin Graduate Student Schwartz Group ylian4
DANG Y Graduate Student Wickens Group ymdang
Ping Yuan Associate Professor Ping Group yping3
Qiu Yunrui Graduate Student Huang Group yqiu78
Wu Yihan Student Researcher ywu842
Zhang Yujian Graduate Student Pazicni Group yzhang
Bai Zihao Graduate Student Ping zbai29
Dai Zhenyao Postdoc Schomaker Group zdai62
Faitz Zachary Graduate Student 8363 Zanni Group zfaitz
He Zhiqi Postdoc Stahl Group zhe322
Todd Zoe Assistant Professor 3327 Todd Group zrtodd
Shi Zhuoxin Graduate Student Smith Group zshi94
Xu Eden Graduate Student Gellman Group zxu588
Andrea Ariel Librarian 608-262-4423 2430C Library aandrea
Buller Andrew Associate Professor 608-265-8431 5112 Buller Group Link abuller
Attie Alan Professor (608) 262-1372 543A Biochem adattie
Bartz Amber Technician B370 Electronics Shop afbartz
Ajeneza Carlene Student Hourly Business Services ajeneza
Kline Annika Student Researcher Stowe Group akline5
Kluck Aaron Financial Specialist 608-263-9708 Business Services akluck2
Marlin Axia Postdoc Boros Group amarlin
McCoy Aaron Visitor amccoy2
DuVal Amber Student Researcher Stahl Group amduval
Weeks Amy Assistant Professor amweeks
Sangha Alvir Graduate Student Pazicni Group asangha
Thies Amanda Administrative Assistant 608-890-0135 1126 Faculty Services asthies
Sumlin Anthony Graduate Student Boydston Group asumlin
Towler Anna Grace Graduate Student Ge Group atowler
Abthai Bahar Student Researcher Smith Group babtahi
Choi Byeonguk Honorary Associate Choi Group bchoi57
Hopper Brianna Graduate Student Garand Group bhopper
Lee Byung Graduate Student 2233 Wang Group blee265
Liu Bojun Graduate Student Huang Group bliu293
Ahern Ben Graduate Student Weix Group bnahern
Brinzer Tom Honorary Associate Zanni Group brinzer
Brunold Thomas Professor 608-265-9056 6211A Brunold Group Link brunold
Trinh Brittany Graduate Student Boydston Group btrinh2
Burstyn Judith N. Professor 608-262-0328 5327 Burstyn Group Link burstyn
Dorval Celine Postdoc Wickens Group cdorval
Karls Carolyn Financial Specialist 608-262-4225 1121 Business Services ckarls3
Lee Chang-Uk Assistant Scientist Boydston Group clee468
Clewett Cathy Asst Dir NMR Lab - CIC 608-262-8196 2201B Research Facilities clewett
Lin Chenxi Graduate Student Schomaker Group clin397
Lupton Christopher Researcher Hamers Group clupton
Cotruvo Joseph Boros Group cotruvo
Cribari Mario Graduate Student Martell Group cribari
Colosi Dominic Senior Instructional Lab Specialist 608-263-1604 8439A Analytical dcolosi
Feng Dawei Assistant Professor 608-263-2703 MSE 223 Feng Group dfeng23
Kohler Daniel Assistant Scientist 3215 Wright Group dkohler
Bates Desiree Computational Chemistry Leader 608-262-6936 9307 Research Facilities dmbates
Toland David Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center dtoland
Widner Danielle Postdoc Blackwell Group dwidner
Bernat Eliana Student Researcher Jin Group ebernat
Garand Etienne Professor 608-890-4905 4319A Garand Group Link egarand
Ehehalt Lauren Graduate Student 608-265-8285 5131 Weix Group ehehalt
Marris Elijah Graduate Student Schomaker Group emarris
Kohn Eric Graduate Student 8131 Martell Group emkohn3
Ryutov Elizabeth Graduate Student Wickens Group eryutov
Esterly Harrison Graduate Student Zanni Group esterly
Forlano Kristel Graduate Student Jin Group forlano
Franke Mareena Graduate Student 5128 Weix Group franke3
Gellman Samuel H. Professor 608-262-3303 7132A Gellman Group Link gellman
Gopalan Padma Professor 608-265-4258 1143 Engineering Research Building Gopalan Group gopalan
Gressel Danica Graduate Student 6337 Fredrickson Group gressel
Harrow Lynn Instructional Lab Specialist 5439A Organic harrow2
Bakshi Harshal Graduate Student Boydston Group hbakshi
Chan Ruby Graduate Student Ge Group hchan48
Hermans Ive Professor 608-262-4966 6311A Hermans Group Link hermans
Guan Hongqing Cavagnero Group hguan26
Hadzic Haris User Support Specialist 9301 Chemistry Computer Center hhadzic
Kim Hyung Joo Graduate Student Yoon Group hkim953
Kong Haoyu Student Researcher Feng Group hkong27
Hubecky Emily Graduate Student Li Group hubecky
ZHAN HAO Honorary Associate hzhan22
Garvey Ian Graduate Student Stahl Group igarvey
Mondal Ipsita Graduate Student Schmidt Group imondal
Priest Isabella Graduate Student Weix Group ipriest
Gapen Jonathan Network Engineer II 608-262-7597 9305 Chemistry Computer Center Example jagapen
Hamers Jeanne Undergraduate Chemistry Director 608-263-4852 1351E Student or Instructional Services jhamers
Kim Jed Graduate Student Schomaker Group jhkim45
Lucian Jared Teaching Assistant Instructional Staff jlucian
Rasch Julia Graduate Student Goldsmith Group jrasch2
Roman Matias Jalianet Graduate Student Jin Group jroman4
Saloni Julia Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center jsaloni
York Jordan Graduate Student Blackwell Group jtyork2
Moore John W. W.T. Lippincott Professor Emeritus Moore Group jwmoore
Zhu Jieru Graduate Student 7108 Stahl Group jzhu274
Hill Kate Copy Center Manager 608-262-0293 1146 Business Services kghill3
Jetzer Kelly Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center kjetzer
Lee Kwanpyung Graduate Student Schmidt Group klee539
Mertz Keaton Graduate Student Coon Group klmertz
Buck Kevin Graduate Student Ge Group kmbuck2
Hazen Kimberly Marketing and Communications Manager 608-262-9189 1124 Business Services kmhazen
Koenen Kathryn Administrative Assistant 608-263-4450 4211 Faculty Services koenen2
Quinn La'Darious Graduate Student Lynn Group ljquinn
Liu Longbang Graduate Student Huang Group lliu466
Mangas Luke Graduate Student Berry Group lmangas
Tran Lauren Graduate Student Gellman Group lmtran2
Malik Akshay Postdoc Yethiraj Group malik33
Mannone John Graduate Student 7120 Gellman Group mannone
Maynard Jim Lecture Demonstrator 608-262-7916 S421 Instructional Staff maynard
Bates Maia Graduate Student Barkholtz Group mbates6
McClain Rob Analytical Lab Director 608-262-5615 7446 Analytical mcclain
McMahon Robert J. Professor 608-262-0660 6209A McMahon Group mcmahon
Gray Mitchell Graduate Student Li Group mdgray3
Mecozzi Sandro Professor 608-262-7810 7113 Pharmacy Mecozzi Group mecozzi
Goetz Smith McKenna Scientist 6125 Stahl Group mgoetz2
Kalin Michael Graduate Student Huang Group mkalin2
Kim Min Ji Graduate Student 6227 Wickens Group mkim658
Martin Matthew Instrument Maker - Advanced 608-262-1482 SB315 Machine Shop mmartin
Giese Morgan Research Intern Widicus Weaver Group mmgiese
Ryan Matthew Graduate Student Zanni Group mryan24
Zeiler Michael Postdoc Yoon Group mzeiler
Asgari Nasrin Postdoc Goldsmith Group nasgari
Bollis Nicholas Graduate Student Smith Group nbollis
Greco Nicole Graduate Student Stowe Group ncgreco
Neisser Ruby Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group neisser
Tran Nguyen Phuong Graduate Student Boros Group ntran27
Glaser Owen Graduate Student Boros Group oglaser
Solis Omar Graduate Student Yoon Group osolis2
Dongre Prajakta Postdoc Stahl Group pdongre
pfeifer pfeifer Machine Shop pfeifer
Hooker Paul Senior Lecturer 608-262-4749 2337 General Chemistry phooker
Kelly Patrick Postdoc Stahl Group pqkelly
Belson Ryan Graduate Student Choi Group rbelson
Remucal Christy Associate Professor (608) 262-1820 141 WS&EL remucal
Hall Ryan Graduate Student 608-265-6038 Brunold Group rlhall3
Kelch Riley Graduate Student Yoon Group rmkelch
Qian Zoe Graduate Student Yoon Group rqian25
Shippy Reagan rshippy
Carey Same Student Researcher Cavagnero Group sccarey
Schmidt JR Professor 608-262-2996 8305D Schmidt Group schmidt
Fang Sifei Graduate Student 8131 Martell Group sfang38
. Shivani Graduate Student Zanni Group shivani
Kaur Simranpreet Graduate Student Goldsmith Group skaur24
Skinner James L. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0481 Skinner Group skinner
Lee Song Hyun Student Researcher Boydston Group slee957
Maiti Sudip Postdoc Stahl group smaiti3
Yacoob Suha Graduate Student 7108 Stahl Group syacoob
Farrar Thomas C. Emeritus Professor 608-262-6158 Farrar Group tfarrar
Thakali Subi Graduate Student Bertram Group thakali
Kachel Tim Accountant 608-262-7517 1127 Business Services tkachel
Duong Thao Graduate Student Li Group tuduong
Van Lehn Reid Associate Professor vanlehn
Vaughan W. E. Emeritus Professor Vaughan Group vaughan
Verardi Peter Graduate Student Wickens Group verardi
Vivaldo-Nikitovic Mayeli Graduate Student McMahon Group vivaldo
Tucker Vanessa Graduate Student Tang Group vtucker
Jang Woonjijn Graduate Student Stahl Group wjang35
Leiter Will Graduate Student 1st Years wleiter
Styers Will Graduate Student McMahon Group wstyers
Kim Yeoeun Student Researcher Brunold Group ykim866
Lee Yejung Graduate Student Ediger Group ylee682
Lee Yung-Hsu Student Researcher Berry Group ylee764
Liao Yaxian Graduate Student Tang Group yliao58
Lin Yueai Graduate Student Jin Group ylin334
Sun Lexi Student Researcher Hermans Group zsun322
Sun Carissa Student Researcher Cavagnero Group zsun344
Yan Jenny Student Researcher Huang Group zyan229
Zhu Zhijun Graduate Student 5216 Rennebohm Li Group zzhu285
Awoyomi Abayomi Graduate Student Jin Group aawoyomi
Behera Abhijit Graduate Student Wang Group abehera3
Conniff Alison Student Hourly 1121 Business Services aconniff
Halder Anubhab Graduate Student 1st Years ahalder2
Hoskins Aaron Associate Professor 608-890-3101 BSB 2214 Hoskins Group ahoskins
Arndt Andrew Research Store Manager 608-262-5875 5222 Business Services ajarndt3
Alektiar Sara Graduate Student 6373 Wickens Group alektiar
Meyer Alana Graduate Student Yoon Group ameyer39
Anzovino Mary Beth Associate Director of Organic Chemistry Labs 5442 Organic anzovino
Palecek Ashley Student Researcher Schomaker group apalecek
Shenoy Bhavika CompHelp User Support Chemistry Computer Center bbshenoy
Dawson Bianca Student Researcher Garand Group bdawson5
Moore Betty Emeritus Program Manager - ICE Moore Group betmoore
Blackwell Helen Professor 608-262-1503 5211A Blackwell Group Link blackwel
Flores Brandon Graduate Student 6337 Fredrickson Group bsflores
Ortiz Ledón Cesar Ortiz Postdoc 3327 Hamers Group caortiz2
Cavagnero Silvia Professor 608-262-5430 5357 Cavagnero Group Link cavagner
Sarver Collette Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group ccsarver
Triggs Christopher Graduate Student Jin Group cetriggs
Harris Caleb Assistant Scientist 608-890-1568 6375 Berry Group cfharris
Krentz Colin Student Hourly 9313 Chemistry Computer Center cfkrentz
Osborne Cayce Senior Outreach Specialist Shakhashiri Group cosborne
Protter Connor Graduate Student 3345 Hamers Group cprotter
Schmidt Connor Graduate Student 1201 Gilbert Group cschmidt
Yang Cheng-Ruei Graduate Student Smith Group cyang482
Danaceau Zachary Graduate Student 1st Years danaceau
Hardy David Graduate Student Martell Group dehardy2
Walsh Dylan Scientist Stahl Group djwalsh2
Golden Dung Honorary Associate 608-890-3549 6108 Stahl Group dlgolden
Potter Emma Graduate Student Wang Group ecpotter
Deal Emma Student Hourly edeal219
Palmer Emily Graduate Student Bauer Group eepalmer
Amason Edith Graduate Student Boros Group ekamason
Bennin Emily Financial Specialist 608-262-0280 Mainly Remote Business Services elbennin
McClain Edward Postdoc Wickens Group emcclain
Sielaff Elizabeth Graduate Student Martell Group esielaff
Fairhall Alex Graduate Student 3223 Goldsmith Group fairhall
Fenselau Rebecca Graduate Student Bertram Group fenselau
Ibrahim Faysal Graduate Student Hermans Group fibrahim
Wang Fengwei Student Researcher Smith Group fwang283
Wessels Felix Honorary Associate Yoon Group fwessels
Gierszal Sophia Graduate Student Gellman Group gierszal
Hundal Gurleen CompHelp User Support 9313 Chemistry Computer Center gkhundal
George Gregory Postdoc Landis Group gmgeorge
Hallaway Jenna Student Hourly Building Services hallaway
Harriman J. E. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0264 Harriman Group harriman
Grohall Hailey Student Researcher Coon Group hgrohall
Kim HyoEun Postdoc 3301 Choi Group hkim2236
Newton Hypatia Student Researcher Neugebauer Group hnewton3
Rogers Holden Graduate Student Ge Group htrogers
Huang Yibo Student Researcher Jin Group huang555
Zhao Haotian Graduate Student Jin Group hzhao336
Bartels Imke Research Intern Stahl group ibartels
Cannell Isabel Graduate Student Blackwell Group icannell
Bartz Jeff Scientist Goldsmith Group jabartz2
Gerken James Associate Scientist 608-265-8192 6130 Stahl Group jbgerken
Colombe Josephine Student Researcher Brunold Group jcolombe
Jansen Jacob Graduate Student 6313 Hermans Group jhjansen
Kailing Jacob Graduate Student Schomaker group jkailing
Lee JuHyun Honorary Associate Choi Group jlee2465
Evans Jerome Student Researcher Hermans Group jmevans6
Mullarkey James Instrument Maker - Advanced 608-262-1482 S315 Machine Shop jmullark
Nielsen Jeff Building Manager (608) 262-8745 1227 Building Services jnielsen
Park Jae Yong Postdoc Jin Group jpark597
DeWald Jonathan Student Researcher Todd Group jrdewald
Chung Jedidiah Graduate Student Martell Group jschung4
Stemmer Johanna Research Intern Stahl Group jstemmer
Wang Jiang Honorary Associate Weix Group jwang985
Weaver Jeremy Faculty Associate 608-262-9170 B223A Instructional Staff jweaver7
Whetter Jennifer Graduate Student Boros Group jwhetter
Ganguli Kasturi Postdoc Weix Group kganguli
Conrad Katherine Graduate Student Pazicni Group kgconrad
Gruber Kaitlyn Graduate Student Remucal Group kgruber2
Kiessling Laura L. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0541 5132A Kiessling Group kiesslin
Komnick Kailey Graduate Student Martell Group kkomnick
Meyer Katharina Honorary Fellow Garand Group kmeyer29
Flynn Kaitlyn Honorary Associate 6125 Stahl Group kmflynn3
Weber Katie Graduate Student Yoon Group kmweber8
Nickson Kathleen Graduate Student 4323 Garand Group knickson
Shreeve Katherine Student Researcher Cavagnero Group kshreeve
Wokosin Kevin Graduate Student Bertram Group kwokosin
Acevedo Leslie Graduate Student Martell Group lacevedo
Bandura Liam Graduate Student Ge Group lbandura
Lamont Liana Instructor and Instructional Coordinator 608-262-8828 B224 Instructional Staff lblamont
Wells Lindsay Graduate Student Stowe Group lbwells2
Garman Leah Graduate Student Fredrickson Group lcgarman
Chen Li-Yu Graduate Student Coon Group lchen632
Fuller Lee Graduate Student Schreier Group, Schreier Group ldfuller
Gustin Léa Assoc Director General Chemistry Labs 608-262-0089 B353 General Chemistry lsgustin
Yang Linwei Graduate Student Wang Group lyang436
Boyer Mark Postdoc Sibert Group maboyer2
Acosta Milton Graduate Student Berry Group macosta2
Schatz Michael Student Researcher Gellman Group maschatz
Dierolf Morgan Graduate Student Boros Group mdierolf
Meimetis Labros Research Assistant Professor 3345 SMPH Radiology Boros Group meimetis
Merenini Princess Graduate Student Choi Group merenini
Fitzgerald Michelle Instructional Lab Specialist 608-262-5372 7439A General Chemistry mfitzge1
Atwood Madeleine Graduate Student McMahon Group mgatwood
Henkel Maddy Undergraduate Chemistry Specialist 608-263-0219 1351 Student or Instructional Services mhenkel2
Rourke Michael Postdoc Buller Group mjrourke
Hoyman Molly Student Researcher Bertram Group mkhoyman
Barber Michaela Graduate Student Choi Group mmbarber
Rogers Martina Graduate Student Bertram Group mnrogers
Wang Mandi Researcher Jin Group mwang587
Nathanson Gilbert Professor 608-262-8098 7321A Nathanson Group nathanso
Millan Neomi Graduate Student Cavagnero Group nmillan2
Armenta Patricia Graduate Student Berry Group parmenta
Pavaneli Giuliana Honorary Associate Schomaker Group pavaneli
Jaeger Peter Chemistry Outreach Manager 608-263-2204 2307 Outreach pfjaeger
HUANG PENG-HSUAN Graduate Student Li Group phuang65
Lampkin Philip Graduate Student 7125 Gellman Group plampkin
Clark Patrick Research Intern Hermans Group plclark3
Podorova Yulia Graduate Student 8363 Goldsmith Group podorova
Pomeroy Julia Graduate Student Golden Group pomeroy2
Brown Rebecca Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center Link rabrown3
Addabbo Rayna Honorary Associate Cavagnero Group raddabbo
Rebelsky Jonathan Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group rebelsky
Recendiz Herman Graduate Student Weix Group recendiz
Rieders Nathaniel Honorary Associate Hamers Group rieders2
Morris Rylie Graduate Student Gellman Group rkmorris
Green Robert Honorary Associate Hamers Group rlgreen3
Smith Riana Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group rnsmith3
Rottiger Trevor Graduate Student Yavuz Group rottiger
Bishop Ross Teaching Specialist rrbishop
Wang Rui Graduate Student 4364 Jin Group rwang484
Wonnell Rosemary Undergraduate Chemistry Specialist 608-263-2424 1351 Student or Instructional Services rwonnell
Schwartz David Professor 608-265-0546 5434 Biotech Schwartz Group schwartz
Young Seth Graduate Student 5116 Buller Group shyoung2
Baker Salena Student Hourly Business Services sjbaker7
Evans Samantha Graduate Student Goldsmith Group sjevans3
Gavin Samantha Graduate Student 5128 Weix Group sjgavin2
Kapsner Sarah Student Researcher skapsner
Sofovich Eli Graduate Student Todd Group sofovich
Solivais Alexander Graduate Student 4233 Smith Group solivais
Song Sanghoon Graduate Student Stahl group ssong244
Stegman Samantha Graduate Student Berry Group sstegman
Zhou Shiyuan Graduate Student 7108 Stahl Group szhou277
Bertram Tim Professor 608-890-3422 4355 Bertram Group Link tbertram
Chandra Tilak Chemical Safety Specialist tchandra
Culpitt Tanner Postdoc Yang Group tculpitt
Root Thatcher 608-262-8999 3008 Engineering Hall Stahl Group thatcher
Jiang Tianxiao Graduate Student 7112 Stahl Group tjiang67
Wang Tina Assistant Professor 608-263-5807 2237A Wang Group twang495
Garcia Uriel Graduate Student Wickens Group uagarcia
Vestling Martha M. Dir Mass Spec Labs - CIC 608-262-3449 2134 Research Facilities vestling
Weinhold Frank A. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0263 8305H Weinhold Group weinhold
Weisshaar James C. Emeritus Professor Weisshaar Group weisshaa
Jeong J Graduate Student Zanni Group wjeong25
Platten William Student Researcher Todd Group wplatten
Zhao Xianyuan Postdoc Yang Group xzhao287
Yethiraj Arun Professor 608-262-0258 8305E Yethiraj Group Link yethiraj
Chen Zehua Postdoc Yang Group zchen444
Zelewski Linda M. Senior Lecturer 608-262-7802 1344C Instructional Staff zelewski
Liu Zhe Graduate Student Yang Group zhe.liu2
Liu Zige Graduate Student Huang Group zliu2262
Wickens Zach Associate Professor 608-890-4906 6365A Wickens Group zwickens
Zhong Zhuoran Graduate Student Boros Group zzhong44
Hansen Annika Research Intern Martell Group aahansen2
Ibarra Angel Graduate Student Li Group aeibarra2
Fleming Aisley Student Researcher Goldsmith Group affleming
Castro Anthony Graduate Student Weix Group ajcastro2
Holguin Alejandra Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group alholguin
Al-Mualem Reena Visitor Zanni Group almualem2
Moeller Anneke Graduate Student Jin Group amoeller5
Smith Aaron Inventory Control Coordinator 608-265-9858 1241 Business Services amsmith66
Nelson Alex Graduate Student Blackwell Group anelson55
Salazar Andrea Graduate Student Stahl Group asalazar9
Brewster Ben Graduate Student Goldsmith Group bbrewster
Bierman Brenna Graduate Student Fredrickson Group bcbierman
Esselman Brian Associate Director of Organic Chemistry Labs 608-262-1479 5446 Organic besselman
Foster Brian Graduate Student Choi Group bmfoster4
Prosser Brendan Student Researcher Blackwell Group bnprosser
Thompson Blaise Instrumentation Tech 608-263-2573 S307 Electronics Shop bthompson
Killion Camerin Graduate Student Soley Group cekillion
Schwarz Cara Graduate Student Stowe Group ceschwarz
Walker Catherine Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group cewalker6
Hanneman Chris Graduate Student 6108 Stahl Group channeman
Cherempei Stanislav Student Researcher Schomaker Group cherempei
Holland Christopher Researcher Stahl Group cholland2
Horsfall Char Assistant Department Administrator 608-265-9814 1128 Business Services chorsfall
Jenkins Cara Administrative Specialist (608) 265-6233 5202 Blackwell Group cljenkins
Hughes Chris Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center cphughes2
Rienstra Chad Professor Rienstra Group crienstra
Nesbitt Daniel Graduate Student Coon Group djnesbitt
Delfosse Elliot Student Researcher Martell Group edelfosse
Roux Ella Student Hourly Business Services ejroux121
Hartman Ethan Graduate Student Martell Group emhartman
Smith Evan Graduate Student Goldsmith Group emsmith43
Nicometo Emilia Student Researcher Ge Group enicometo
Pimentel Edward Graduate Student 8131 Martell Group epimentel
Reasoner Emily Graduate Student Jin Group ereasoner
Schmidt Evan Student Researcher Cavagnero Group eschmidt3
Widmaier Evelyn Graduate Student Stahl Group ewidmaier
Salvador Fillipp Edvard Graduate Student Hermans Group fsalvador
Shields GM Student Researcher Yoon Group gmshields
Greenberg Andrew Distinguished Faculty Associate 608-890-1534 2037 Engineering Moore Group greenberg
Hofsommer Dillon Scientist Stahl Group hofsommer
Zhang Haoran Graduate Student Li Group hzhang693
Andrews Jaan Graduate Student Jin Group jandrews5
Bloecher Jacob Student Researcher Brunold Group jbloecher
Cooper Julian Assistant Professor Cooper Group jccooper5
Curatolo Johnathon Teaching Assistant Instructional Staff jcuratolo
Martell Jeff Assistant Professor 608-263-6249 8132A Martell Group jdmartell
Smith Julia Graduate Student ERB 1141 Gopalan Group jdsmith25
Edgecomb Joseph (Joe) Graduate Student 7108 Wickens Group jedgecomb
Huang Jiawen (Erika) Student Researcher Gellman Group jhuang528
Tashiro Jenna Postdoc Pazicni Group jktashiro
Fraser Julia Graduate Student Boydston Group jmfraser2
Kruger Josh Student Researcher Fredrickson Group jrkruger2
Scheeler Jason Graduate Student 3215 Wright Group jscheeler
Sherchok Jewel Student Researcher Organic jsherchok
Norris Jetta Student Researcher jsnorris2
Harris James Graduate Student Berry Group jwharris2
Wysocki Jackson Graduate Student Wang Group jwwysocki
Anderson Kaleb Student Researcher Berry Group kanderson
Wilhelm Kiera Postdoc Zanni Group kbwilhelm
Wilson Kenneth (Kenny) Graduate Student Garand Group kdwilson6
Meyer Kent Assistant Scientist (608) 263-1082 3217 Wright Group kentmeyer
Michael Katelyn Graduate Student Jin Group khmichael
Kiessling Laura L. Emeritus Professor 608-262-0541 kiessling
Serrano Lia Graduate Student Coon Group lrserrano
Thatcher Lily Student Researcher Remucal Group lthatcher
Zhang Longyuan Graduate Student Schmidt Group lzhang657
Jones Michael Graduate Student Todd Group majones25
Smith Mackinsey Graduate Student 6082629333 3223 Goldsmith Group masmith49
Wilson Mallory Graduate Student Ge Group mcwilson5
Knight Max Student Researcher Fredrickson Group meknight2
Kelley Michael Student Researcher Li Group mjkelley5
Killian Mickie Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center mmkillian
Moore Colton Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group mmmoore22
Neumann Max Graduate Student Yoon Group mneumann4
McGuire Madison Graduate Student Blackwell Group mnmcguire
Tetzloff Margaret Graduate Student Boydston Group mtetzloff
Schuler Natalie Teaching Specialist Instructional Staff naschuler
Omolabake Surajudeen Graduate Student 7108 Stahl Group omolabake
Swanson Peter Research Intern pcswanson
Moy Becca Admin and Events Professional 608-263-3980 1120 Business Services ramischel
Rodemeier Madeline Graduate Student Buller Group rodemeier
Gardner Reece Graduate Student Buller Group rsgardner
Brown Shannnon Graduate Student Bertram Group sabrown28
Alomari Sileen Student Researcher Weix Group salomari2
McLean Shay Teaching Assistant Instructional Staff samclean2
Schreiner Rodney Senior Scientist Emeritus 608-262-0215 9359 Shakhashiri Group schreiner
Shields Samuel Instrument Maker S315 Machine Shop sdshields
Ganguly Sudipta Graduate Student Hermans Group sganguly3
Merrick Sofia Student Researcher 5357 Cavagnero Group skmerrick
Smilowicz Dariusz Postdoc Boros Group smilowicz
Maynard Sharon Audiovisual Production Specialist 608-262-7916 S421B Student or Instructional Services smmaynard
Pazicni Sam Assistant Professor 608-263-5801 5209 Pazicni Group srpazicni
Stamoulis Alexios Honorary Associate Stahl Group stamoulis
Stoutland Irene Graduate Student Blackwell Group stoutland
Bianconi Tommaso Postdoc Zanni Group tbianconi
Bergmann Uwe Professor (608) 262-1152 Link ubergmann
Villalona Jairo Graduate Student Buller Group villalona
Breining William Graduate Student Lynn Group wbreining
Weilbaker Holly Graduate Student Buller Group weilbaker
Wilkinson Chad Gen Chem Lab Director 608-263-4851 2353 General Chemistry wilkinson
Jiang Yucheng Graduate Student Gellman Group yjiang382
Wang Yiwen Graduate Student Yang Group ywang2955
Alikhani Zahra Graduate Student 6233 Hermans Group zalikhani
Bennett Zachary (Zach) Graduate Student Brunold Group zdbennett
Zhang Yuzhe Graduate Student Yang Group zhang2539
Huang Zhidao Postdoc 608-265-8285 5131 Weix Group zhuang483
AL-TAMIMI ALI Graduate Student 1st Years aaltamimi2
Gilbert Austin Postdoc Zanni Group abgilbert2
Bleskacek Austin Laboratory Manager 6131 Stahl Group ableskacek
Matthews Adrian Graduate Student Wickens Group admatthews
Petersen Ashley Project Coordinator 608-262-5133 1146 Building Services aepetersen
Bergsten Anders Graduate Student Goldsmith Group ajbergsten
Bradshaw Brie Graduate Student Stowe Group babradshaw
Cullinane Brendan Graduate Student 608-262-9333 3223 Goldsmith Group bcullinane
LeMasters Brynn Graduate Student Zanni Group blemasters
Crawford Colin Student Researcher Schomaker group ccrawford5
Gonzales Cristina Graduate Student Brunold Group cgonzales6
Kaminsky Cameron Graduate Student Li Group cjkaminsky
Lundberg Claire Graduate Student Lynn Group clundberg2
Cruz Rivera Yareslie Graduate Student Jin Group cruzrivera
Czeslawski Bianca Student Researcher Gellman Group czeslawski
Morales Mijares Diana Student Researcher Blackwell Group damorales3
Lafayette David Graduate Student Wright Group dlafayette
Chapman Emily Graduate Student Ge Group eachapman2
Grunewald Erin Graduate Program Coordinator 608-262-0215 2110 Student or Instructional Services egrunewald
Kitslaar Emily Student Hourly 1121 Business Services elkitslaar
Schmitt Emily Student Researcher Remucal Group erschmitt3
Schmidt Evan Student Researcher Cavagnero Group eschmidt38
Jackson Erika Graduate Student Jin Group esjackson2
Floreancig Jack Graduate Student 6125 Stahl Group floreancig
Glendening Eric NBO glendening
Johnson Hailey Research Administrator 608-262-0206 1121 Business Services hljohnson8
Hofstetter Heike Dir NMR Lab - CIC 608-262-7536 2201A Research Facilities hofstetter
Students ICE Student Hourly icestudent
Whitworth Isabella Graduate Student 4207 Smith Group iwhitworth
Hoffman Julia Graduate Student Li Group jlhoffman8
Schimmels Jonathan Student Researcher Jin Group jschimmels
Kirkwood Jackson Student Researcher Goldsmith Group jskirkwood
Zhang Jingwei Graduate Student Li Group jzhang2462
Lipinski Karli Graduate Student Hoskins Group kalipinski
Casperson Kurtis Instructional Lab Specialist (608) 262-6963 B230 General Chemistry kcasperson
Deglopper Kimberly Lecturer Instructional Staff kdeglopper
Sanders Kyana Graduate Student 6337 Fredrickson Group kmsanders2
Stephens Karen Graduate Program Assistant Student or Instructional Services kstephens3
Kuntzleman Thomas Honorary Associate Shakhashiri Group kuntzleman
Callahan Levi Student Researcher Hermans Group lcallahan3
Cardinale Luana Postdoc 6125 Stahl Group lcardinale
Elmendorf Laura Lecturer 608-265-6038 Instructional Staff lelmendorf
Middleton Christopher Honorary Associate Zanni Group middleton2
Cao Minhua Graduate Student Boros Group minhua.cao
Moellering Ruby Student Researcher Stahl Group moellering
Schwartz Michael Director - NSF Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology 608-263-7457 5232 Hamers Group mpschwartz
Fischer Matthew Graduate Student Ge Group msfischer5
O'Connor Michael Graduate Student Huang Group msoconnor2
Willadsen Marc Payroll & Benefits Specialist 608-265-9227 1123 Business Services mwilladsen
Petersen Natalie Student Hourly Business Services nipetersen
Lancaster Noah Graduate Student Coon Group nlancaster
Turnmeyer-Clark Prior Student Hourly Business Services pturnmeyer
Gearhart Robert Graduate Student 1st Years rlgearhart
Carlson Rebecca Administrative Assistant 608-262-0265 2126 Faculty Services rrcarlson3
Schomaker Jennifer Professor 608-265-2261 8112A Schomaker Group schomakerj
DeVillers Samantha Student Researcher Brunold Group sdevillers
Finnegan Sarah Graduate Student Boydston Group sgfinnegan
Simonson Sara Graduate Student Blackwell Group slsimonson
Markovich Samuel (Sam) Graduate Student Smith Group smarkovich
Sole-Barber Daniel Graduate Student Goldsmith Group solebarber
Vogelsang Sophia Graduate Student Bergmann Group svogelsang
Swineheart Sarah Student Researcher Pazicni Group swineheart
Pankratz Trey Graduate Student Berry Group tcpankratz
Stephens Taylor Graduate Student Yoon Group tstephens2
Kurumbail Unni Graduate Student Hermans Group ukurumbail
van der Stok Aevi Graduate Student Gellman Group vanderstok
Willoughby Patrick Honorary Associate Buller Group willoughby
Ziolkowski Zachary Graduate Student Martell Group ziolkowski
Buchberger Amanda Assoc Director Analytical Chemistry Labs 608-263-8960 8442 Instructional Staff abuchberger
Sandquist Alexander Graduate Student Widicus Weaver Group adsandquist
Dickinson Aidan Graduate Student Goldsmith Group afdickinson
MacIntyre Austin Student Researcher Jin Group ajmacintyre
Zielinski Alexander Graduate Student Schreier Group, Schreier Group ajzielinski
Olszewski Alyssa Graduate Student 608-265-8285 5131 Weix Group aolszewski2
McFarland Carson Research Intern Bertram Group cjmcfarland
Eisenbraun Emma Graduate Student 5215 Blackwell Group eeisenbraun
Elkamshishy Ahmed Postdoc Soley Group elkamshishy
Plachinski Elyse Graduate Student Yoon Group eplachinski
Warrington Ethan Student Researcher Schomaker group ewarrington
Habumugisha Jean Paul Graduate Student Martell Group habumugisha
Schomaker Joseph Honorary Associate 8112 Schomaker Group jaschomaker
Eisenberg Jonah Graduate Student 3231 Choi Group jbeisenberg
Horenstein Jessica Teaching Specialist jhorenstein
Martinez Jesse Graduate Student 6108 Stahl Group jmartinez47
Hawthorne John Honorary Fellow Soley Group jmhawthorne
Van Buskirk Jonathan Graduate Student 6337 Fredrickson Group jvanbuskirk
Wilkinson Josef Instructional Lab Specialist B230 General Chemistry jwilkinson4
Driscoll Kayla Associate Director of Faculty Services 608-262-1480 9355 Business Services kldriscoll2
Laboy Torres Edwin Graduate Student Smith Group laboytorres
Masonheimer Carly Graduate Student Buller Group masonheimer
Mihalyi-Koch Willa Graduate Student 4364 Jin Group mihalyikoch
Bartlett Miles Research Intern mkbartlett2
MacDonnell Madeline Graduate Student Stahl Group mmacdonnell
Johnson Mathew Graduate Student 6122 Stahl Group mrjohnson27
Ortiz-Lunyov Mikhail CompHelp User Support 9313 ortizlunyov
Bhatnagar Rashi Graduate Student 7108 Stahl Group rbhatnagar2
Czerwinski Rachel Graduate Student 3223 Goldsmith Group rczerwinski
Rivera-Colon Jorge Graduate Student Pazicni Group riveracolon
Petersen Riley Graduate Student rjpetersen2
Roldan Dolimar Graduate Student Zanni Group roldanvelez
McDonnell Ryan Graduate Student Wright Group rpmcdonnell
Schnorrenberg Elizabeth Student Researcher Brunold Group schorrenber
Fullington Sarah Postdoc Pazicni Group sfullington
Gong Sarah Professor 608-316-4311 4166 WID Gong Group shaoqingong
Schueneman Susan Senior Teaching Specialist 2307 Instructional Staff sschueneman
Reitz Tracey Director - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center toudenhoven
Zdanovskaia Maria Honorary Associate 608-262-0599 6212 McMahon Group zdanovskaia
Adorno-Cancel Jose Graduate Student Hermans Group adornocancel
Aguirre-Figueroa Guadalupe (Lupe) Graduate Student Blackwell Group aguirrefigue
Al Abdulghani Abdullah Honorary Associate Hermans Group alabdulghani
Alvear Matias Postdoc Hermans Group alvearcabezo
Goldstein Annika Student Researcher Widicus Weaver Group amgoldstein4
Schneider Brett Honorary Associate Weix Group bdschneider2
Betancourt Miguel Graduate Student Gopalan Group betancourtp2
Lemire Beatriz Human Resources Specialist 608-890-0298 1126 Business Services bolanoslemir
Schweitzer Beau Graduate Student 6359 Goldsmith Group bschweitzer2
Burkhartzmeyer Elise Student Researcher Martell Group burkhartzmey
Vollbrecht Cecilia Honorary Associate 608-262-9333 3223 Goldsmith Group chvollbrecht
MacAllister Cade Graduate Student Yoon Group cmacallister
Robaczewski Calista Student Hourly Business Services crobaczewski
Cruz Parrilla Peter Graduate Student Smith Group cruzparrilla
Wilkinson-Johnson Chance Graduate Student Boydston Group cwilkinsonjo
Rampon Daniel Postdoc Schomaker Group dasilveirara
Cunningham Eoin Student Researcher Buller Group edcunningham
Weimerskirch Emma Administrative Assistant 608-262-1969 8305G Faculty Services eweimerskirc
Bikzhanova Galina Honorary Associate gabikzhanova
Munoz Sanchez Gabriela Graduate Student Berry Group gmunozsanche
Goljanijamour Hamed Graduate Student Stahl Group goljanijamou
Goonetilleke Eshani Graduate Student Huang Group goonetilleke
Quintana Cintron Gerardo Graduate Student Jin Group gquintanacin
Morgenstern Robin Graduate Student Pazicni Group hmorgenstern
Joaqui Andrey Postdoc Boros Group joaquijoaqui
Jusino Maldonado Marcos Graduate Student Todd Group jusinomaldon
McCullough Katie Academic Advising Manager 608-262-8898 1351B Student or Instructional Services klmccullough
Lebron Rodriguez Edgard Graduate Student 6233 Hermans Group lebronrodrig
Lertwiriyapiti Sirawit Student Researcher Wang Group lertwiriyapi
Lizardi Rodriguez Leonardo Graduate Student Gopalan Group lizardirodri
Lopez Gonzalez Jadiel Graduate Student Hermans Group lopezgonzale
Schimmelpfennig Lars Student Researcher 414 Gellman Group lschimmelpfe
Neugebauer Monica Assistant Professor 341B Biochem Neugebauer Group meneugebauer
Mertick-Sykes Eli Graduate Student Martell Group merticksykes
Maciejewski Matthieu Graduate Student Yoon Group mfmaciejewsk
Muhammad Indress Ahmad Danial Student Researcher Hermans Group muhammadidre
Oliveras Santos Stephanie Graduate Student Gopalan Group oliverassant
Perciaccante Andrew Graduate Student Ge Group perciaccante
Romero-Arenas Antonio Honorary Fellow 608-265-8192 6131 Stahl Group romeroarenas
Saavedra Salazar Carlos Postdoc Goldsmith Group saavedrasala
Schuster-Little Naviya Postdoc Smith Group schusterlitt
Hansen-LeBlanc Saul shansenlebla shansenlebla
Maheshwari Sneha Teaching Specialist Instructional Staff smaheshwari4
Rivera Sebastian Graduate Student Hermans Group sriveraperez
Fredrickson Rie Assistant Scientist (608) 890-3759 6351 Fredrickson Group takagifredri
Williams-Walsh Ahmia Student Researcher Hermans Group williamswals
Zayas-Gonzalez Yashira Instructional Specialist - CLC 608-265-5497 4330 MSC Chemistry Learning Center zayasgonzale
Liang Haocheng Graduate Student Chamberlin 6297 Widicus Weaver Group haocheng.liang
Beardsley Max Student Researcher Berry Group mbeardsley-dept
Sanchez Mynneliz Researcher Hamers Group mynneliz.sanchez
Position Group