Second Year of PhD Program

Choose a mentoring committee by November 1 at 9 am

Use the mentoring committee selection form here. Rank 5 faculty, not including your PI, to be on the mentoring committee. Discuss your selection with your PI, considering faculty inside the department, affiliated with the department, and outside of the department. It is not necessary to contact the faculty inside the department that you select to be on your committee before you submit the form. Please contact the affiliate faculty and faculty outside of the department before you add them to your selection form.  It is important to indicate if you are collaborating with faculty you listed on the mentoring form or if there are reasons why a specific faculty member should be on your committee (add this information in the comments box).


Thesis Background Examination (TBE)

The examination will consist of a written report and an oral defense.  The details about the exam are here: TBE Requirements.

  1. The oral portion of the TBE exam should be scheduled between January 13 and April 25.
  2. Students schedule the date and time of the TBE oral exam directly with their mentoring committee.
  3. Students reserve the room and inform the committee.
  4. Seven days before the oral exam, students directly provide EACH of the committee members a copy of the written component of the TBE.
  5. Send the committee an evaluation form for the oral examination.
  6. After the oral exam submit the evaluation form (signed and filled out by the committee), and a pdf file of the written portion of your TBE here.
  7. If the oral exam cannot be scheduled between January 15 and April 28, please submit the TBE Extension Request Form.

MS Degree after TBE

After completion of your TBE, you can receive an MS degree. Details about the process can be found here.

  1. Add MS program: go to Graduate Student Portal, select Add/Change Programs, request to add the MS degree. (Note: For Chemistry majors, select “no” under joint degree.)
  2. Wait to receive notification that you have added the MS degree.
  3. Request MS warrant at least 3 weeks before your TBE.
  4. Follow the status of the warrant here.
  5. Request signatures for your warrant through the Graduate Student Portal, select My Student Information, find the warrant, and under Actions, select Email Members.

Enrollment Credit Requirements

See the Registrar for deadlines related to course enrollment.

Non-dissertators (maximum 15 credits; minimum 8 credits; fall and spring semesters)

  • Lecture Courses to satisfy the core and minor requirements or of general interest
  • 1-12 credits research (Chem 990, section of your PI)
  • 1 credit group meeting (Chem 980, section of your PI)
  • 0 credits seminar (analytical – Chem 920; chembio – any; chem educ res – any; inorganic – Chem 900; materials – Chem 920; organic – Chem 940; physical – Chem 960)

Non-dissertators (2 credits; summer term)

  • 2 credits research (Chem 990, section of your PI)