Master’s Degree Warrant Request Form

To get a MS degree in chemistry, you need to enroll in the MS program. Graduate students who are accepted into the PhD program have not been accepted into the MS program.

To add the MS degree, go to “MyGradPortal” ( and request to add the MS degree.  The Graduate Chemistry Program Office will approve the request to add the MS degree.

After you receive notification that you added the MS degree, you can request your MS warrant by completing this form to request your master’s degree warrant. Please check your grades, if there is a temporary grade (NR, I, P), contact the professor who taught the course to change the grade. The Graduate School will not issue a warrant if you have temporary grades.

When you request the MS warrant, you will need to indicate the completion date for the MS degree requirements. You can determine what date you should enter for the completion date depending on the type of MS degree you are receiving below:

  • Research MS:
    • If you are earning your MS upon completion of the TBE, enter the “MS Degree Completion Date” as the date that you successfully completed the TBE.
    • If you are completing a formal thesis or research report to meet the Research MS requirement, enter the “MS Degree Completion Date” as the date that your PI approves the written assignment as complete.
  • Coursework MS:
    • Enter the “MS Degree Completion Date” as the last day of classes for the academic term that you are completing your coursework for the Coursework MS.

We will request to warrant from the Graduate School and email you when it has been submitted.  When the Graduate School approves the request, you will receive an email that the request was approved and your warrant is in your mailbox with instructions on how to fill it out and where to return it.

  • Term during which your master's degree will be awarded (e.g., Spring 2019)
  • See information above
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.