Graduate Student Faculty Liaison Committee

building with a sign that reads chemistry

The Graduate Student-Faculty Liaison Committee (GSFLC) is a group of graduate student, post doctorate, staff, and faculty representatives committed to connecting members of the Chemistry Department at UW-Madison. The GSFLC hosts the annual Snout-Out (department) Picnic and more events that bring department members together and offer opportunities to network within the community.

The GSFLC is comprised of four subcommittees: wellness, community building, career development, and outreach. Wellness aims to promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of grad students and post-docs and a positive departmental climate. Additionally, the committee periodically surveys grad students and post-docs regarding departmental climate. Then, the GSFLC presents issues and requests to faculty and works with faculty and staff members to implement initiatives to positively impact our departmental climate and culture. Community Building aims to foster belonging in the community by facilitating interactions between department members, particularly those in different departmental roles. Career Development aims to prepare grad students and post-docs for future careers. They award conference travel grants to enable research presentation and mentor awards to recognize those who have provided exceptional guidance to mentees. Outreach aims to promote scientific education to the larger community outside of the department. They organize demonstrations and teaching opportunities in Madison.


There are no upcoming events.