GSFLC Events

Annual Events & Professional Development

Department Colloquium

The GSFLC organizes a departmental colloquium annually as part of the department colloquium series. The GSFLC speaker commonly discusses topics like professional development, job seeking, patenting, and other scientifically-relevant topics related to preparing graduate students for life after graduate school. A poll to gather topics of interest or potential nominees for the 2015 colloquium will be available soon.

Snout-Out Picnic

Chemistry ends the summer and kicks off the new academic year in style with a legendary department picnic. It starts with a pig roast and other summertime foods to sate the appetite, and follows with the annual department Softball Tournament. Enjoy an afternoon full of games, friendly interdepartmental rivalries, sociable scientists, and good food. Advertisements and tickets will be sent out over the summer, and will be available on the website. Check back as the date approaches!

Annual Poster Session

The GSFLC holds a poster session every spring to give graduate students the opportunity to present their work to their Madison colleagues.  Everyone who recieves GSFLC Departmental travel grants is required to participate, but submissions from non-travel grant recipients is encouraged and welcome.

GSFLC Student-Faculty Breakfast

A catered breakfast where students can network with department members outside their groups and paths about research, career paths, etc. in a casual setting. This is particularly beneficial for welcoming first-year students to the department. These biannual events (Fall, Spring) are made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Ann Pease and Dr. Joe Pease.

Annual Financial Seminar

Do you want to know…

…how to make a budget?

…if it makes more sense for you to invest for retirement now or pay off your debts first?

…the difference between an IRA and a Roth IRA, and if you qualify for either?

If yes, then plan to attend the next free financial seminar next fall. In 2013 and 2014, GSFLC invited Austin Streeper, a finacial advisor with North Star Resource Group to share his advice. Students who attended said this event was well worth their time. At the end, he also offers free one-on-one consultations to discuss your individual situation. It’s never too early to plan for the future!


GSFLC also organizes departmental social events. The so called ‘TGIF’ events are scheduled several times each semester, and advertisements will be posted on the website and around the Chemistry building in advance. Keep your eyes open for them!
Annual Cookie Contest

The department culinary challenge is held each February, giving time for socializing, as well as a venue to show off your baking talents. Cookies, bars, and all types of treats are on display, available for tasting. A popular vote from the contest attendees decides the winners, who receive prizes and, as always, eternal glory.

Preparing for Life After Graduate School (PfLAGS)

This career development workshop is held during early fall and is open to graduate students (recommended for 4th and 5th years) and postdocs. This ACS-sponsored two-day event introduces traditional and non-traditional careers available for chemistry graduates (with emphasis on academic and industrial positions), offers tips on how to prepare for interviews, write good resumes/cover letters and much more. Please contact Anurag Agrawal (PfLAGS 2017 coordinator) at for more information.