Contact GSFLC

The GSFLC is meant to represent the interests of graduate students and postdocs in the department. We encourage you to email us for any of the following reasons:

  • To ask about resources that are available in the department or the university
  • To suggest event, seminar, or workshop ideas
  • To request that the GSFLC forward information about non-department events to the department
  • To express interest in joining the GSFLC
  • To voice concerns or feedback related to the department, its committees, or the GSFLC

The above list certainly is not exhaustive, so please reach out if there’s anything you think the GSFLC could do to help you or your peers. The GSFLC co-chairs are a great first point of contact for most concerns. If your question, comment, or concern is related to a specific subcommittee of the GSFLC (Wellness, Outreach, Community Building, or Career Development), you are welcome to contact the chair of the appropriate subcommittee. Current GSFLC members and their contact information can be found on our members page!