Chemistry Building Project

Critical for Future Student Success

“Our department is world class in research, it’s world class in research related to chemistry education, yet we don’t have the facilities to implement the very techniques that are developed in this department.”

Bob McMahon
Former Department of Chemistry Chair


  • Enhance degree programs important to the Wisconsin economy, such as medicine, biotechnology, engineering, chemical and biological science, and health sciences
  • Accommodate greatly increased student demand for courses in STEM disciplines
  • Incorporate modern safety practices and safety training
    Implement modern instructional techniques

Project features:

  • Expanded and renovated general chemistry labs
  • New organic, analytical, physical, undergraduate research project, and advanced synthesis labs
  • New lecture rooms and a flexible active learning classroom
  • Student support space for undergraduate advising
  • Transformation of the Chemistry Library into an information commons
  • Crucial upgrades to existing air supply and exhaust systems
  • Safety upgrades for the building complex (fire sprinklers, fire alarm, building security)