Undergraduate Chemistry Ambassadors

Our Undergraduate Chemistry Ambassadors have different hobbies, interests, backgrounds, and goals; but one thing they share is a love of chemistry!

Whether you are a current UW-Madison student, already a declared chemistry major, or if you are a prospective UW-Madison student, our Chemistry Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about our chemistry courses from a student perspective.  The Ambassadors can give their opinions on course selection, course sequencing, and life as a chemistry major overall!  Some examples of questions you may want to ask our ambassadors are: “Do you have any tips for finding a research group?”, “What were your experiences with organic chemistry?”, “Have you taken any chemistry classes over the summer?  If so, how did you find the workload?”, “If you’re a double major, how do you find balance in completing all of the courses required?”.

To contact our Ambassadors, please send your questions to: ambassador@chem.wisc.edu.  If there is a specific ambassador you have questions for, please state that in your email.

For specific questions regarding major exploration, major declaration, or individual course planning please contact the Chemisty Advisor, Katie McCullough, at: klmccullough@wisc.edu.    

Specific questions about chemistry undergraduate research?  Don’t hesitate to contact our Chemistry Undergraduate Research Board to learn more!

Interested in becoming an ambassador?  Recruitment for the 2022-2023 academic year has already taken place.  The positions for the 2023-2024 academic year will begin in March, 2023! Contact the Chemistry Advisor with any questions.

Meet our Ambassadors!


YEAR: Third Year Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: Probably analytical chemistry because it got me involved in my current research group.  My lecturer was a previous Ph.D. student in this group and one of the TAs also was joining the group, so there were many connections that made me very interested in it.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS:  The Discovery Building underneath the indoor trees (it’s a great study spot, especially when the weather isn’t nice outside!).

FUN FACT: My dog (that lives with my parents) is a Boston Terrier named Dobby, after the Harry Potter character, and his eyes are kind-of crossed/outward-facing…I think it’s super cute though!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry, Civil Engineering


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: My favorite chemistry course that I’ve taken so far would have to be CHEM 561, physical chemistry. It was super interesting to me to learn about where all of the basic chemistry equations that we use come form mathematically.  This course also helped me understand more about how the world works.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS:  I love to be outside and by the water, so my favorite place on campus would be on Lakeshore path.  It is so pretty over there!

FUN FACT: I’m really good at killing houseplants.


YEAR: Junior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Gurgaon, India

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: My favorite chemistry course that I have taken so far is CHEM 329 – Fundamentals of Analytical Science.  I took this class in my freshman year and it was like my first tiny step towards getting to know what research is all about.  A major portion of our grade was based on a very cool project on studying kinetics of the isomerization of alpha and beta acids in beer.  The entire experience pushed me to develop so many skills like reviewing literature, planning out our own research questions, troubleshooting, writing a paper and giving scientific presentations.  After all, who doesn’t want to make brewing more efficient?

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS:  My favorite spot on campus is the Memorial Union Terrace.  I can never get tired of sipping lemonade and grooving to music, while watching the beautiful waves in Lake Mendota at sunset.

FUN FACT: I am an all-time Friends fan.  Feel free to hit me up if you want to discuss whether Ross and Rachel were on a break or not!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Janesville, WI

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: CHEM 562.  I enjoy physics quite a bit (enough to pursue a certificate in it), and I’ve always enjoyed learning about quantum mechanics.  I knew a fair bit about the concepts, but seeing it all come together with the math was very gratifying.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS:  Observatory Hill has always been a spot that I like to just stop and enjoy the view for a while.

FUN FACT: I can bake a very mean batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: CHEM 345 – Dr. Miles made online learning exciting by including relevant applications of the material and cameos from her cat Rhodey!

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: The food carts at the end of State Street.

FUN FACT: I studied abroad in Copenhagen for a semester and accidentally took intermediate Danish.


YEAR: Sophomore

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Cupertino, CA

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: I loved taking CHEM 329.  The end of the semester project was so much fun, and I ended up learning a surprising amount about the beneficial antioxidants in foods like tea and chocolate, while also getting to create my own experiment completely from scratch.  This combined my love for both food and chemistry, and now I can happy eat my dark chocolate knowing that it’s (somewhat) healthy!

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS:  Picnic Point!  I love walking around, especially during fall, and seeing all the leaves changing colors and sitting on the rocks by the lake.

FUN FACT: My family and I have fostered over 18 dogs!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry, Biochemistry, Honors in the Liberal Arts

HOMETOWN: Beijing, China

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: CHEM 562 is my favorite because it’s really fun to learn about quantum mechanics such as Schrodinger equation and use some linear algebra to solve chemistry equations.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: Memorial Library. There is a super cool space on 9th floor with special collections and rare books!

FUN FACT: I’m an anime fan.

Devin Tomlin

YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry, Psychology


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: CHEM 345 because I loved learning about the real-work connections to pharmacy and medicine. I also loved the problem-solving skills it gave me!


FUN FACT: I coach CrossFit here in Madison!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: I really enjoyed the CHEM 115/116 sequence.  It was a great opportunity to meet other chemistry-minded individuals, and it helped make the big campus feel small because of the class size.  My TA even learned all our names within the first two weeks!  Additionally, the research lab experience in 116 was really valuable.  I am continuing to work with my same mentor/PI this year!

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: My favorite spot would have to be the top of Bascom Hill looking towards the Capitol.  I think it has the best view all year round.  I will always go out of my way to walk Bascom just for the view.  My second favorite spot is the view from the 8th floor Shane research tower overlooking all of campus and Mendota.

FUN FACT: I can play the accordion, though not very well!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Lake Zurich, IL

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: My favorite chemistry course was CHEM 561!  I really enjoyed relating previous math and chemistry knowledge to thermodynamics.  Physical chemistry helped me to understand the background for some of the fundamental equations rather than simply memorizing them, and my professor helped explain the real-world applications of them.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: Either the Memorial Union Terrace or the Allen Centennial Garden.  I love sitting by the lake at the Terrace, and the Garden has a bunch of pretty plants which makes it a perfect, quiet place to study.

FUN FACT: I have lived in 5 places in the past 4 years!  I grew up in Illinois, but my parents just recently moved to Saint Paul, MN.  I spent the first 2 years of college at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH before transferring here in the fall of my junior year.  I also spent a summer in Cincinnati, OH for an internship.