Undergraduate Chemistry Ambassadors

Our Undergraduate Chemistry Ambassadors have different hobbies, interests, backgrounds, and goals; but one thing they share is a love of chemistry!

Whether you are a current UW-Madison student, already a declared chemistry major, or if you are a prospective UW-Madison student, our Chemistry Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about our chemistry courses from a student perspective.  The Ambassadors can give their opinions on course selection, course sequencing, and life as a chemistry major overall!  Some examples of questions you may want to ask our ambassadors are: “Do you have any tips for finding a research group?”, “What were your experiences with organic chemistry?”, “Have you taken any chemistry classes over the summer?  If so, how did you find the workload?”, “If you’re a double major, how do you find balance in completing all of the courses required?”.

To contact our Ambassadors, please send your questions to: ambassador@chem.wisc.edu.  If there is a specific ambassador you have questions for, please state that in your email.

For specific questions regarding major exploration, major declaration, or individual course planning please contact the Chemisty Advisor, Katie McCullough, at: klmccullough@wisc.edu.    

Specific questions about chemistry undergraduate research?  Don’t hesitate to contact our Chemistry Undergraduate Research Board to learn more!

Interested in becoming an ambassador?  Recruitment for the 2022-2023 academic year has already taken place.  The positions for the 2023-2024 academic year will begin in March, 2023! Contact the Chemistry Advisor with any questions.

Meet our Ambassadors!

person in front of white wall, wearing black shirt smiling


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Qatif, Saudi Arabia

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE:  Tough decision, but Chem 345 was the course I enjoyed the most because each concept required unique ways of thinking to understand the chemistry behind them.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS:  Student Activity Center is an all-around place on campus. Not only is it a great place for studying, but it is also the home of many social events!

FUN FACT: I never add cheese as a topping! Am I in the right state?


YEAR: Senior (5th year)

MAJOR(S): Chemistry and BM Music Performance

HOMETOWN: Hubertus, WI

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: Organic Chemistry 345 is my favorite chem course I’ve taken because it was really fun to learn all the different reactions and what they do.  I was also a fan of the synthesis problems because they were like little puzzles you had to piece together, and they were totally different from anything I’d ever done before in chemistry.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: I love Camp Randall.  Being in the band, I’ve been there for every game day (minus last year) over the past four years, and there’s nothing like it.  I love the energy of the fans and the fun that the band brings, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

FUN FACT: I’m in the band, I’m also a music performance major, and, although I’ve never played it, I love hockey!

person in plaid shirt smiling
person in blue shirt with dark hair smiling


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Onalaska, WI

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: Inorganic chemistry has been my favorite course taken so far because I was able to learn about aspects of chemistry that were somewhat skimmed over in previous chemistry classes and the labs were also visually interesting since transition metal complexes can be colorful.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: My favorite place on campus is Memorial Union. There are always fun events going on at the union and the sunsets are always aesthetically pleasing.

FUN FACT: I can lick my elbow.


YEAR: Junior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: New Berlin, WI

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: My favorite chemistry course so far is introductory organic chemistry 343.  Helen Blackwell was an awesome professor, and concepts taught in the class engage your mind in new and interesting ways.  Although it was challenging, it was a welcome experience.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: My favorite place on campus is the Allen Centennial Gardens.  Sitting by the koi pond is a lot of fun, and there are ample places to sit and contemplate.  Before tough exams I go there to read and relax.

FUN FACT: I read and write poetry in my free time.

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person in black shirt with necklace and long hair smiling


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Mayfield, KY

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: Organic Chem 345 because cool, clean reaction mechanisms are so satisfying.


FUN FACT: I can speak Italian.


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: Analytical Chemistry: labs were fun and had real-world applications and the class had an amazing research project that had your group developing your own research project.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: Memorial Union, the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, and the lab!

FUN FACT: I like to listen to electronic music.

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person in green shirt smiling in front of concrete walkways and grass


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: My favorite chemistry course so far was chemistry 343.  I think I liked this class so much because I had a really great professor and because I enjoyed learning about how organic molecules react.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: My favorite place to go on campus is Memorial Union.  I also love going to Badger football and basketball games so Camp Randall and the Kohl Center are also up there on my list!

FUN FACT: My absolute favorite campus food is the Cranberry Harvest sandwich from Carte- I highly recommend you try it out!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: Organic chemistry 345 is my favorite chemistry course I’ve taken so far.  The class was very challenging and engaging.  I liked learning about more complex mechanisms and being able to build on what I had learned in the first semester of organic chemistry.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: My favorite place on campus is the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, it’s an inspiring environment and the perfect place to study.

FUN FACT: I like to surf!

person with long hair and sleeveless blue shirt smiling in front of plants
person in blue shirt with blonde hair and glasses smiling


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: My favorite chemistry course is CHEM 547: Advanced Organic Chemistry, due to the incredible amount of industry secrets shared within this course! This course is focused away from the traditional disciplinary class structure and more towards real-world applications of chemistry concepts, ultimately concentrating on how students improve their synthetic efficiency.  I recommend this class to everyone!

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: The Wisconsin Historical Society Library! Located right across from Memorial Union, this library is one of the most beautiful libraries on campus due to its amazing architecture and aesthetic that compares to a “Hogwarts Library” in Harry Potter.

FUN FACT: I REALLY like milk!


YEAR: Senior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry

HOMETOWN: Union Grove, WI

FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: CHEM 311 was my favorite course because of the broad range of elements that were focused on and of course the rainbow of samples at the end of the semester.

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: My favorite place on campus is the Walnut Street Greenhouse.

FUN FACT: I enjoy hiking or being out on the lake.

Person with headband in white shirt standing in field
Person in suit smiling


YEAR: Junior

MAJOR(S): Chemistry


FAVORITE CHEMISTRY COURSE: I really enjoyed the CHEM 115/116 sequence.  It was a great opportunity to meet other chemistry-minded individuals, and it helped make the big campus feel small because of the class size.  My TA even learned all our names within the first two weeks!  Additionally, the research lab experience in 116 was really valuable.  I am continuing to work with my same mentor/PI this year!

FAVORITE PLACE ON CAMPUS: My favorite spot would have to be the top of Bascom Hill looking towards the Capitol.  I think it has the best view all year round.  I will always go out of my way to walk Bascom just for the view.  My second favorite spot is the view from the 8th floor Shane research tower overlooking all of campus and Mendota.

FUN FACT: I can play the accordion, though not very well!