Irving Shain

Position title: Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Irving shain

Irving Shain passed away on March 06, 2018, leaving behind many friends and colleagues.

Complete Obituary from the Cress Funeral Service

History with UW-Madison:

  • 1952 Joined UW-Madison Department of Chemistry as faculty
  • 1967 Chair Department of Chemistry
  • 1970 Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UW-Madison
  • 1977 Chancellor of UW-Madison
  • 1987 Retired from UW-Madison

Irving earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Washington. He was an avid researcher and understood the importance of science. He was instrumental in the development of many programs at the university and the Department of Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry’s 2006 building addition bears his name, as does an endowed chair, offered by family and friends in 2016. He also worked as vice president of Research and Development and a member of the Board of Directors for Olin Corporation. He loved to read, travel and enjoy classical music. Memorial donations can be made to the University of Wisconsin Foundation 1848 University Avenue, Madison WI 53726, or online here, to support the Irv Shain Memorial Fund for Chemistry. All donations support the new Chemistry Department Building Fund, a project that is critical for UW-Madison.