AJ Boydston

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Yamamoto Family Professor, Affiliate in MSE and CBE


Room 7365, Department of Chemistry
1101 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Research Website
Boydston Group
Research Areas
3D Printing, Catalysis, Functional Materials, Polymer Synthesis, Synthesis

AJ Boydston


2001, 2002 – B.S. and M.S. University of Oregon, Advisor: Michael M. Haley

2007 – Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, Advisors: Christopher W. Bielawski and C. Grant Willson

2008-2010 – NIH Postdoctoral Fellow Caltech, Advisor: Robert H. Grubbs



Our research falls under a broad umbrella of stimuli-responsive materials. We discover, develop, and implement tools across lengths scales from molecular (e.g., chemical synthesis) to macroscopic (e.g., 3D printed multi-material devices). Our work provides new fundamental knowledge about how molecular structure impacts materials properties, and unlocks avenues to new materials capabilities. I hope that someday our research can be used to enable societal advances such as personalized 3D printed medical devices, high toughness lightweight vehicles, self-repairing plastics, and safer platforms for drug delivery.

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