AJ Boydston

Position title: Professor of Chemistry, Yamamoto Family Professor, Affiliate in MSE and CBE

Email: aboydston@wisc.edu

Room 7365, Department of Chemistry
1101 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

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Boydston Group
Research Areas
3D Printing, Catalysis, Functional Materials, Polymer Synthesis, Synthesis
AJ Boydston


2001, 2002 – B.S. and M.S. University of Oregon, Advisor: Michael M. Haley

2007 – Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, Advisors: Christopher W. Bielawski and C. Grant Willson

2008-2010 – NIH Postdoctoral Fellow Caltech, Advisor: Robert H. Grubbs



Our research falls under a broad umbrella of stimuli-responsive materials. We discover, develop, and implement tools across lengths scales from molecular (e.g., chemical synthesis) to macroscopic (e.g., 3D printed multi-material devices). Our work provides new fundamental knowledge about how molecular structure impacts materials properties, and unlocks avenues to new materials capabilities. I hope that someday our research can be used to enable societal advances such as personalized 3D printed medical devices, high toughness lightweight vehicles, self-repairing plastics, and safer platforms for drug delivery.

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