Fourth Year of PhD Program

Fourth-Year Mentor Committee Meeting

This meeting is designed to provide a summary of progress and to establish a timeline for completion of work required the Ph.D. degree. The Fourth-Year Mentoring Committee Form should be completed by the student and the research advisor and be provided to the mentoring committee members before the meeting. The student should also provide an updated CV to the mentoring committee. The 4th year meeting includes a brief (~10 minute) presentation of the student’s research to the mentoring committee (open to others, if desired), followed by a closed discussion of results and future plans between the student and committee members. The 4th committee meetings should be completed by May 31. Once completed, please submit the Fourth-Year Mentoring Committee Form here.

Enrollment Credit Requirements

See the Registrar for deadlines related to course enrollment.

Dissertators (3 credits; fall and spring semesters; summer term)

  • 3 credits research (Chem 990, section of your PI)

Non-dissertators (maximum 15 credits; minimum 8 credits; fall and spring semesters)

  • Lecture Courses to satisfy the core and minor requirements or of general interest
  • 1-12 credits research (Chem 990, section of your PI)
  • 1 credit group meeting (Chem 980, section of your PI)
  • 0 credits seminar (analytical – Chem 920; chembio – any; chem educ res – any; inorganic – Chem 900; materials – Chem 920; organic – Chem 940; physical – Chem 960)

Non-dissertators (2 credits; summer term)

  • 2 credits research (Chem 990, section of your PI)