Faculty Update Request

As a faculty member your information is listed in several places on the series of Department of Chemistry websites – the intranet, the external website, and the original people pages.

The People listings and associated People Pages, which include Awards Pages and Publication Pages are here: List of People.

The People Page content also appears on what we call cards on the intranet and external facing websites so we can tag them to appear in specific places including path pages https://chem.wisc.edu/graduate-paths/ on the external site, and eventually on committee pages on the intranet.

Between the new website, intranet and people listing, your information appears in three different places. Please feel free to request edits at any time through the form below, though we will remind everyone once a year to review the content.

We set up a demo page for your review to simplify the process. Please verify your path affiliations are correct on the following page: https://chem.wisc.edu/facultydemo/ and review your faculty profile page by clicking on your name. All listings with your name lead to the same page, so you only need to review it once. Then complete the form below.

Faculty Information Update Form

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