Scientific Job Hunting in Industry*

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Room 9341
@ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Dr. Olsen is a 30+ year veteran of drug discovery at Merck and he is always active in recruiting/interviewing/hiring new talent for the organization. If you are interested in enhancing your chances of landing a job in the industry – drop in and see how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd of job applicants with some simple suggestions for your CV (resume) and interview performance. The interactive session will be around 1 hour and open to Q&A, so bring your questions for Dr. Olsen.

*Pizza will be served.

Bio for David Olsen:

Undergraduate: Messiah College
Graduate school: Ph.D. U of Maryland, BioOrganic; enzymology
Postdoctoral: Max Planck Institute for Exp. Medicine Göttingen Germany: catalytic RNA
30+ yrs infectious diseases R&D experience at Merck & Co.
>110 peer reviewed publications
>50 patents
Areas of expertise:
ID drug hunting, proteases, nucleosides, HCV, HIV, Coronaviruses
Drug products: Zepatier (2 drugs), Vanihep, Efavirenz
Neglected diseases: TB, malaria, Ebola, monkey pox