IKA Seminar – Prof. Christo Sevov (Ohio State University)

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@ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Prof. Christo Sevov

Title: Electrochemical Methods for Reductive Cross-Coupling Reactions


The seminar will describe our efforts towards the development of robust methodologies for C–C(sp3) coupling that are of interest for both process chemists working on large scale and medicinal chemists working on micro- and even nano-scale reactions. The transformation all rely on electrochemistry to activate complexes that form these challenging bonds. Most of the electrosynthetic methodologies are possible because of a synergy between conventional transition metal catalysts for cross coupling and redox-active mediators developed by the battery community. It will be shown that yields from electrocatalytic reactions are dramatically improved with the incorporation of co-catalytic quantities of soluble battery compounds and other redox mediators that serve to assist in electron transfer with the coupling catalyst, protect the coupling catalyst from over-oxidation/reduction and degradation, or promote in the formation of highly-reactive intermediates. Finally, new strategies for C-C coupling that can be generally applied to a range of substrate combinations will be discussed.

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Host: Prof. Shannon Stahl