Chem Ed Seminar – Prof. Nicole Graulich (Institut für Didaktik der Chemie)

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@ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Prof. Nicole Graulich

Title: “Promoting Students’ Visual Attention and Reasoning Processes in Chemistry – from Eye-Movements to Argumentation Processes”


This seminar talk will illustrate how chemistry education research explores future technologies to support students in learning with and about organic chemical representations. We will discuss the use of eye-tracking as a means to guide students to interact with chemical representations, as well as how we can adaptively support students in building arguments around chemical reactions by leveraging machine learning techniques. This talk aims to bridge cognitive theory with practical educational applications, illustrating how future learning in chemistry can enhance student learning.


Full Professor for Chemistry Education at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen since 2014 Postdoc with Gautam Bhattacharyya in Clemson 2013-2014 Study Programm for chemistry and French for High school PhD in Organic chemistry with a focus on heuristic chemistry. My areas of research focus on learning and teaching at the tertiary level in organic chemistry by leveraging new technologies for adaptive learning.

Host: Prof. Sam Pazicni