Inorganic Seminar – Prof. Daniel Suess (MIT)

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1315 Seminar Hall, North Tower
@ 3:30 pm


Title: Chemical Manipulation of Iron–Sulfur Cofactors



Iron-sulfur (Fe-S) proteins are found in all kingdoms of life and carry out some of the most kinetically demanding reactions in the biosphere. In this talk, I will discuss my group’s efforts to understand how the remarkable biological functions of Fe-S clusters derive from their unique electronic structures. Foundational to this line of inquiry is the development of methods for manipulating a cluster’s composition, structure, and properties: incorporating spectroscopically useful isotopes in specific metal sites, altering a cluster’s elemental composition and coordination environment, and preparing substrate-bound states. Examples will be given from both biological and synthetic systems.

Keywords: inorganic chemistry; bioinorganic chemistry; chemical biology

Host: Prof. John Berry