Analytical-McElvain Seminar – Prof. Brian Clowers (Washington State University)

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1315 Seminar Hall
@ 12:05 pm - 1:00 pm

Title: New Approaches for Targeted Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry: Ion Fractionation, HDX, and Cryogenic IR Spectroscopy



Impacting quality control efforts, statistical confidence, and signal-to-noise ratio for many analytical techniques, separation science is foundational across disciplines. While the capacity to isolate target chemical species and their associated signals has a direct bearing on decision-making, the efficient fractionation of gas-phase species provides a setting to manipulate and probe chemical transformations.

Using the extraordinary power of a multi-cycle, gas-phase separation technique based on planar ion guides comprised of printed circuit boards, we demonstrate the capacity to separate gas-phase isomers with subsequent verification using cryogenic tagging infrared spectroscopy.

In addition to detailing the experimental journey towards realizing such an experiment, this seminar will highlight the capacity to probe ion solvation and site-specific hydrogen-deuterium exchange rates. With isomeric metabolites and comparatively simple peptides serving as model systems, the development of next-generation ion mobility-mass spectrometry platforms offers an unprecedented opportunity to isolate, store, and transform molecular species with implications spanning across disciplines.

Host: Prof. Grace Capek