Enrollment Inquiries

Enrollment Tips

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Restricted Sections

If you receive an error message like “Course validation failed” or “Enrollment requisites not met” while trying to enroll, but you think that you meet the prerequisites for the course, you might be attempting to enroll in a special section reserved for students in a First-Year Interest Group (FIG), Residential Hall, or a special honors section. Please check the notes and enrollment requirements for any restrictions.


If a course section is full, students may add themselves to the wait list in Course Search & Enroll. Wait lists for the introductory (100 level) courses are not activated until the bulk of enrollment is complete and most sections are full, while wait lists for other chemistry courses are activated earlier.

Every effort is made to accommodate as many students as possible and wait lists are monitored continually up through the add deadline. Being on the wait list does not guarantee a student a seat in the class. Students are strongly encouraged to look for ways to make an open section work with their schedules, before adding to the wait list for a full section. Wait listed students are notified via email if a seat becomes available. Students should check their email daily, even over breaks. In general, priority is given to students in the order they joined the wait list, but for some courses more senior students will have priority.

Late Transfers from CHEM 109 to CHEM 103

The Department of Chemistry allows late transfers from CHEM 109 to CHEM 103 after the normal add deadline at the end of the second week of classes. Late transfers require special permission and are contingent on space being available. We recommend that students first consult their CHEM 109 instructor and/or their academic advisor before deciding to swap. Students who decide they would like to swap late to CHEM 103 should come to the Undergraduate Chemistry Office (Room 1328) for assistance during normal business hours (8:00 am to 4:15 pm, Monday through Friday). The deadline for requesting a late swap for fall 2019 is 4:00 pm on Friday, September 27. Please see our policy sheet for more information.

Transfers from Chemistry 109 to 103 (Fall 2019)

Prerequisites for Fall Courses

If you are taking a summer course elsewhere (not at UW-Madison) that is a prerequisite for a chemistry course that you intend to take fall semester at Madison, you will not be able to enroll without special permission. To obtain that permission, you need to supply proof that you have enrolled in the equivalent prerequisite course. If the course is not equated in the Transfer Information System (TIS) or Transfer Equivalency Database (TED), you should also provide your report from the UW Admisisions Course Equivalency Service (CES) that shows your course is equivalent to the prerequisite. Please send your request for permission, student ID number and proof of requisites to the Undergraduate Chemistry Office (undergrad@chem.wisc.edu).

We do not offer pre-permissions for CHEM 103 or CHEM 109. Math requisites for these courses need to be completed before enrollment will be permitted.

Once you have completed your summer course, please send an unofficial copy of your transcript, so that we can verify that you have met the prerequisite before the fall semester begins. You will still need to send an official copy of your transcript to UW Admissions so that your transfer credits can be posted on your record.

If you are enrolled for the prerequisite course during the summer term at UW-Madison, you will not need special permission to enroll in the fall course.

Enrollment Assistance

See Course Search & Enroll Help for general assistance and frequently asked questions about the Course Search & Enrollment app.

For assistance with enrollment specific to chemistry courses, please contact undergrad@chem.wisc.edu.

Still have questions?

If you need further assistance, or you still have enrollment or course access questions, please send an email including your student ID number and specific questions to the Undergraduate Chemistry Office (undergrad@chem.wisc.edu). Also, please include the course number in the email subject line.

Alternatively, you may visit the Undergraduate Chemistry Office (Room 1328) during normal business hours (8:00 am to 4:15 pm, Monday through Friday) or call 608.263.2424.