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Endowed Seminar Information

Endowed, fund-supported seminars enable us to bring recognized and prestigious researchers to the Department of Chemistry. This allows our students, post-docs, and faculty to hear about the latest groundbreaking discoveries from around the world.


Kellogg, Michael S. Chemistry Fund

This fund was established in February 2003, by Janice Kellogg and Thomas Crawford in memory of Michael S. Kellogg. Thomas Crawford, a colleague and family friend of Michael Kellogg, has taken the lead in organizing gifts for this fund.

The purpose of this fund is to provide support for the Chemistry Department through an annual prize, annual lectureship, or other supports of science education.


McElvain Seminar Fund

Photo of Samuel McElvain
Photo of Samuel McElvain courtesy of The National Academy of Sciences

The McElvain Seminar Fund for The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Chemistry was established in 1987, with a gift from Dr. Richard D. and Mrs. Karen A. Mullineaux. In 1951,  Dr. Richard Mullineaux received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UW-Madison.

This fund honors the memory of Emeritus Professor Samuel M. McElvain, a member of the Chemistry faculty 1923-1961.

The McElvain Seminar Series is organized by chemistry graduate students, and is designed to promote candid discussions between students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and prominent visiting scientists from industries and universities across North America.