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General Information

Registrar deadlines (add, drop, withdraw, etc.)

Graduate School Deadlines (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

 Reserve rooms

Graduate Student Portal (to add programs, follow status of warrant, request warrant signatures, etc.)

Change of Advisor Form

Change of Path Form

Checkout Form

First Year

Instructions and information about 1st-year milestones are here

Required Coursework

Chemistry Course Waiver Form        Deposit Chemistry Course Waiver Form here.

Rotation Form

Student Research Group Selection Form (submit a ranked list of 5 faculty members)

Second Year

Instructions and information about 2nd-year milestones are here.

Mentoring committee Form

TBE evaluation form

Submit Evaluation and TBE written report here.

TBE Extension Request Form

Graduate Student Portal

Request MS warrant

Third Year

Instructions and information about 3rd-year milestones are here.

Submit the RP 1 Page Summary here

Request a Warrant

RP Evaluation Form

Submit the RP Evaluation Form and your RP here.

RP Extension form

Submit RP extension form here.

Fourth and Fifth Year

Instructions and information about 4th-year milestones are here.

Fourth and Fifth-Year Mentoring Committee Form

Deposit form here.


Information and instructions are here.

Request the Ph.D. final degree warrant here.

The template for the defense poster is here.

Thesis announcement to the Department.

Chemistry Department’s calendar.