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Introductory Chemistry Placement

There are multiple options for introductory chemistry, and the best choice depends on the student's background. Students with one year of high school chemistry usually take the two-semester sequence CHEM 103/104 General Chemistry I/II. Students with a strong high school chemistry background (usually two or more years) and placement into at least first semester calculus are eligible for CHEM 109 Advanced General Chemistry, an advanced, fast-paced option that covers the breadth of general chemistry in one semester. CHEM 109 is offered only in the fall semesters and an honors level section is available. Students planning to major in the chemical sciences and who have had two years of high school chemistry and and place into MATH 221 or higher, are strongly encouraged to consider CHEM 109. Students with exceptionally strong math and science backgrounds may be invited to apply for the CHEM 115 Chemical Principles I/CHEM 116 Chemical Principles II sequence. This honors sequence is more math and physics based than the other options, features a small class size, and provides an opportunity for research during the second semester. The 115/116 sequence satisfies both the general and analytical chemistry requirements for any major.

Students needing just one semester of chemistry with laboratory or who are using chemistry solely as a science elective may choose to take CHEM 108 Chemistry in Our World. CHEM 108 is a terminal course and does not serve as a prerequisite for addtitional chemistry courses.

For more information about all of these options, please see the supplementary information sheet on Introductory Chemistry Courses and the course descriptions in the UW-Madison Guide. Consult staff in the Undergraduate Chemistry Office (Room 1328) if you need help making the best selection.

Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry
A student who earns a 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry exam will receive three credits for CHEM 103 General Chemistry I. If they meet the math requisite for CHEM 109 (which is placement into MATH 221 or higher), these students are usually advised to take CHEM 109 Advanced General Chemistry to complete their general chemistry chemistry requirements. Learn more about how to earn credit at UW-Madison from AP and IB coursework