Apply for CHOPs

The dates for CHOPs 2023 are September 26th-29th, 2024. Applications for the in-person event are due June 7, 2024.  Applicants selected to participate in the program will be notified by late summer 2024. Please enter your email address to receive an email about CHOPs 2024 and a link to the application. Please make sure you carefully enter your email address. All correspondence for the CHOPs program will be via email.

To complete your CHOPs application, you will need:

  1. Applicant information
  2. Areas of interest (e.g., analytical, chemical biology, inorganic, materials, organic, physical, etc.)
  3. List of UW-Madison professors you would like to meet and/or work with
  4. Contact information for two references
  5. Personal Statement (2 page maximum)
  6. Transcripts


Your references will be sent an email when you submit your application. The email will be delivered to the address you have specified in the application. Please make sure the email address you enter is correct, and let your references know in advance to expect this email.

Personal Statement

Tell us your story as to how you have come to the point where you are considering graduate school as the next step in your education. Include descriptions of any special obstacles and challenges you have faced along the way and how this experience will contribute to your success in graduate school and life.  Describe any significant mentors who have helped you.  Talk about any research and/or work experiences you have. Let us know how you became interested in chemistry, and what are your favorite aspects of chemistry.  Finally, share your longer term goals for after graduate school.


Electronic transcripts are required of all applicants. If your school does not offer electronic transcripts, please scan a paper copy and save it as a PDF to upload along with your application. You can only upload one PDF file; the file must not exceed 5 MB. For the purpose of this application, unofficial transcripts are sufficient.