Safety Information

The Chemistry Department is committed to operating its laboratories in a safe and responsible manner. It is in everyone's best interest, both personally and professionally, to develop the proper habits that ensure a safe work environment. Please contact a member of the Safety Committee if you have any safety questions.

Forms and Protocols

University and Department Safety Resources

Safety Committee Contacts

Mahesh Mahanthappa, Safety Committee chair
Jeff Nielsen, building manager

Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers

Facilities/Shops Officers
Analytical Stockroom Michelle Fitzgerald
Analytical Instructional Labs Rob McClain
CIC - Mass Spec Facility Heike Hofstetter
CIC - NMR Facility Heike Hofstetter
General Chemistry Stockroom Tom Ladell
Glass Shop Tracy Drier
Machine Shop Rob McClain
Organic Stockroom  Nick Hill
Research Stockroom Jim Zernicke
Shipping and Receiving Michael Bradley
Research Groups Officers
Andrew Group                       Morgan Baima
Berry Group Burton Mandrell
Blackwell Group Kim Tyler
Brunold Group Stephanie Dillon
Burke Group Andrew Maza
Burstyn Group Eli Miller
Cavagnero Group Arelys Rosado
Crim Group Wyatt Merrill
Dahl Group Evgueni Mednikov
Ediger Group Yue Qiu
Garand Group  Erin Duffy
Gellman Group Nicole Thomas
Hamers Group Melinda Shearer
Hermans Group Joe Grant 
Keutsch Group Sean Staudt
Kiessling Group Josh Fishman
Landis Group Anna Brezny
Mahanthappa Group Grayson Jackson
McMahon Group Nick Walters
Moore Group John Moore 
Smith Group Qiyao Li
Stahl Group Jon Jaworski
Scott McCann
Strieter Group Sean Crowe
Weisshaar Group N. Rangarajan
West Group Alexander Zabula
Yoon Group Kaz Skubi
Zanni Group Kacie Rich