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Culpitt T, Guzei IA, Spencer LC, Simonson A, Miller JS, Wimmer MR, Nelson KJ. Synthesis, crystal structures, and characterization of 4,5-diaza-9- 4,5-bis(methylthio)-1,3-dithiol-2-ylidene -fluorene (L) metal complexes (TPyA)M-II(L) (SbF6)(2) (M-II = Mn, Fe, Co; TPyA = tris(2-pyridylmethyl) amine). Inorganica Chimica Acta. 2015 ;427:162-167.
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Cullen SP, Mandel IC, Gopalan P. Surface-Anchored Poly(2-vinyl-4,4-dimethyl azlactone) Brushes as Templates for Enzyme Immobilization. Langmuir. 2008 ;24:13701-13709.
Cullen SP, Ha S, Lagally MG, Gopalan P. Photopatternable substrate-independent poly(glycidyl methacrylate-ran-2-(acryloyloxy) ethyl 2-methylacrylate) polymer films for immobilization of biomolecules. Journal of Polymer Science Part a-Polymer Chemistry. 2008 ;46:5826-5838.
Cullen SP, Liu X, Mandel IC, Himpsel FJ, Gopalan P. Polymeric Brushes as Functional Templates for Immobilizing Ribonuclease A: Study of Binding Kinetics and Activity. Langmuir. 2008 ;24:913-920.
Culham DE, Shkel IA, Record MT, Wood JM. Contributions of Coulombic and Hofmeister Effects to the Osmotic Activation of Escherichia coli Transporter ProP. Biochemistry. 2016 ;55:1301-1313.
Cui Q, Musaev DG, Morokuma K. Molecular orbital study of H-2 and CH4 activation on small metal clusters. I. Pt, Pd, Pt-2, and Pd-2. Journal of Chemical Physics. 1998 ;108:8418-8428.
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Cui Y, Melby ES, Mensch AC, Laudadio ED, Hang MMN, Dohnalkova A, Hu DH, Hamers RJ, Orr G. Quantitative Mapping of Oxidative Stress Response to Lithium Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles in Single Cells Using Multiplexed in Situ Gene Expression Analysis. Nano Letters. 2019 ;19:1990-1997.
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Cui K, Schmidt JR. Comment on "Solubilities of ammonia in basic imidazolium ionic liquids" Fluid Phase Equilib. 297 (2010) 34-39. Fluid Phase Equilibria. 2019 ;492:78-79.
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