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Forticaux A, Dang LN, Liang HF, Jin S. Controlled Synthesis of Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoplates Driven by Screw Dislocations. Nano Letters. 2015 ;15:3403-3409.
Ellison AJ, Van Veller B, Raines RT. Convenient synthesis of collagen-related tripeptides for segment condensation. Biopolymers. 2015 ;104:674-681.
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Greer T, Hao L, Nechyporenko A, Lee S, Vezina CM, Ricke WA, Marker PC, Bjorling DE, Bushman W, Li LJ. Custom 4-Plex DiLeu Isobaric Labels Enable Relative Quantification of Urinary Proteins in Men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS). Plos One. 2015 ;10.
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Crooks JA, Stilwell MD, Oliver PM, Zhong Z, Weibel DB. Decoding the Chemical Language of Motile Bacteria by Using High-Throughput Microfluidic Assays. Chembiochem. 2015 ;16:2151-2155.
Hermes ED, Jenness GR, Schmidt JR. Decoupling the electronic, geometric and interfacial contributions to support effects in heterogeneous catalysis. Molecular Simulation. 2015 ;41:123-133.
Ye H, Wang JX, Zhang ZC, Jia CX, Schmerberg C, Catherman AD, Thomas PM, Kelleher NL, Li LJ. Defining the Neuropeptidome of the Spiny Lobster Panulirus interruptus Brain Using a Multidimensional Mass Spectrometry-Based Platform. Journal of Proteome Research. 2015 ;14:4776-4791.
Kilduff BJ, Yannello VJ, Fredrickson DC. Defusing Complexity in Intermetallics: How Covalently Shared Electron Pairs Stabilize the FCC Variant Mo2CuxGa6-x (x approximate to 0.9). Inorganic Chemistry. 2015 ;54:8103-8110.
Wang L, Hou XB, Fu HS, Pan XL, Xu WF, Tang WP, Fang H. Design, synthesis and preliminary bioactivity evaluations of substituted quinoline hydroxamic acid derivatives as novel histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 2015 ;23:4364-4374.
Ding Q, Zhai JY, Caban-Acevedo M, Shearer MJ, Li LS, Chang HC, Tsai ML, Ma DW, Zhang XW, Hamers RJ, et al. Designing Efficient Solar-Driven Hydrogen Evolution Photocathodes Using Semitransparent MoQ(x)Cl(y) (Q = S, Se) Catalysts on Si Micropyramids. Advanced Materials. 2015 ;27:6511-+.
Lippmann ES, Williams CE, Ruhl DA, Estevez-Silva MC, Chapman ER, Coon JJ, Ashton RS. Deterministic HOX Patterning in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neuroectoderm. Stem Cell Reports. 2015 ;4:632-644.
Frost DC, Greer T, Xiang F, Liang ZD, Li LJ. Development and characterization of novel 8-plex DiLeu isobaric labels for quantitative proteomics and peptidomics. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 2015 ;29:1115-1124.
Yu YH, Li JY, Geng DL, Wang JL, Zhang LS, Andrew TL, Arnold MS, Wang XD. Development of Lead Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells Using Three-Dimensional Titanium Dioxide Nanowire Architectures. Acs Nano. 2015 ;9:564-572.
Schmid SC, Van Hoveln R, Rigoli JW, Schomaker JM. Development of N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Copper Complexes for 1,3-Halogen Migration. Organometallics. 2015 ;34:4164-4173.
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Samad L, Caban-Acevedo M, Shearer MJ, Park K, Hamers RJ, Jin S. Direct Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of Phase-Pure Iron Pyrite (FeS2) Thin Films. Chemistry of Materials. 2015 ;27:3108-3114.
Troiano JM, Olenick LL, Kuech TR, Melby ES, Hu DH, Lohse SE, Mensch AC, Dogangun M, Vartanian AM, Torelli MD, et al. Direct Probes of 4 nm Diameter Gold Nanoparticles Interacting with Supported Lipid Bilayers. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2015 ;119:534-546.
Buller AR, Brinkmann-Chen S, Romney DK, Herger M, Murciano-Calles J, Arnold FH. Directed evolution of the tryptophan synthase beta-subunit for stand-alone function recapitulates allosteric activation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2015 ;112:14599-14604.
Chen YC, Sumandea MP, Larsson L, Moss RL, Ge Y. Dissecting human skeletal muscle troponin proteoforms by top-down mass spectrometry. Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility. 2015 ;36:169-181.
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Forghani K, Guan YX, Wood A, Babock S, Mawst L, Kuech TF. The Effect of the Bi Precursors, (CH3)(3)Bi and (C2H5)(3)Bi, on the Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of GaAs1-yBiy Films. Chemical Vapor Deposition. 2015 ;21:166-175.
Chen YC, Ayaz-Guner S, Peng Y, Lane NM, Locher MR, Kohmoto T, Larsson L, Moss RL, Ge Y. Effective Top-Down LC/MS plus Method for Assessing Actin Isoforms as a Potential Cardiac Disease Marker. Analytical Chemistry. 2015 ;87:8399-8406.
Dominguez GA, Lohse SE, Torelli MD, Murphy CJ, Hamers RJ, Orr G, Klaper RD. Effects of charge and surface ligand properties of nanoparticles on oxidative stress and gene expression within the gut of Daphnia magna. Aquatic Toxicology. 2015 ;162:1-9.
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Du HF, Liang D, Jin CM, Kong LY, Stolt MJ, Ning W, Yang JY, Xing Y, Wang J, Che RC, et al. Electrical probing of field-driven cascading quantized transitions of skyrmion cluster states in MnSi nanowires. Nature Communications. 2015 ;6.
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